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A blog about everything inner city school and Physical Education related.


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A future Earth Science teacher's perspective on the world of education in the inner city.


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CURR 523 class blog page dedicated to the realities and posibilities in urban education.

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It is vital to have a strong grasp of the subject area that you are teaching in the classroom. But a strong teacher in the urban setting must also realize that it goes far beyond just the material.  There is a strong need for urban educators to show enthusiasm for their subject matter, and as a teacher we want our students to feel the same passion we do for the material, but also we need to see how to go above and beyond the content.  It takes understanding, being a positive role model, and thinking outside the box in terms of pedagogical techniques to provide a fulfilling learning experience. 

ere are some important areas that take you deeper into the heart of going beyond the content and becoming a successful urban school educator. (Please click on the links for more information)


A teacher needs to exhibit  Understanding

Utilize a variety of Pedagogical Techniques

And serve as a  Positive Role Model


Of course there is so much more to a comprehensive teaching and learning experience for both the teacher and the learner. A truly powerful dynamic begs for versatility. 

We choose to focus on these areas for the moment. 

Check back for more!

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