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·         Do-It-Yourself grants! is a rapidly growing, web-based tool that allows individual teachers and their students to go right to potential individual donors to seek funding for their projects.  Proposals from $50 and up are prepared by teachers/students and posted on the website; donors browse through them and donate directly to the ones they like.  No middlepersons!  


·         The National Council for the Social Studies is the country’s largest association devoted to teaching Social Studies.  In addition to print resources, a variety of e-mail-based discussions are hosted that are of both general interest and, occasionally, of special interest to urban educators.



  • The Bold Approach initiative, a broad coalition of educators and policy-makers, advocates for "contextual" changes in urban students' lives, as they believe education is unlikely to succeed alone.
  • On the other hand, Pedro Noguera's (NYU) new book of essays, The Trouble with Black Boys, suggests that urban teachers can make a big difference in students' lives, if they learn how to make themselves relevant and interesting.  He provides some specific examples during an NPR interview that can be heard at:

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