Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle on YouTube too

 In European and Japanese Cities a large proportion of utility cyclists are female and a large proportion of them are 'middle-aged' or elderly.

Virtually none of them ride mountain bikes or road racers or wear lycra and virtually all of them ride 'comfort bikes'.  ( see: Copenhagen Girls on Bikes )


This graph is from Japan's biggest bicycle manufacturer 'Bridgestone' which has 11% of the market in Japan.

A similar graph for bicycle sales in New Zealand might look more like:

sports cycles 80% , kids, 19.99 %,'comfort cycles' 0% , folding & compact and electric bicycles 0.01 %


 If you're also riding your bike wearing elegant clothing from time to time, the «Server 3.4» is the right choice for you.

For its closed chainguard makes sure your favourite garment will not be damaged or crinkled as much as the relaxed, upright position this bike has to offer.
Thanks to the Nexus-groupset's internal transmission, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.
Comfort, on the other hand, is a major trait of the «Server 3.4», courtesy of Suntour's suspension fork, a suspended seatpost, a wide rizerbar and an anatomically correct saddle. No expenses have been saved with the commuter package, as Busch& Müller's halogen headlight, Pletscher's carrier and SKS's fenders show. Another important feature on a citybike are tires with reflective sidewalls. After all, in urban traffic and at night the all-important motto is «seeing and being seen.»



Leontien by Koga-Miyata

Expression by Koga-Miyata from the Netherlands


     'Sneaker' folding bike by Bridgestone ( in Japan )              and Pashley in the U.K

These 3 bikes (above) are available in New Zealand from Reiker cycles near Timaru

 Check out the list of New Zealand suppliers for these kinds of bikes. 

Utility style bicycles vs Recreational style bikes.

An article about Velorbis bikes "ladies don’t want a mountain bike.”

More on folding ( and electric power-assisted bikes ) here.

To get together with other ladies who're into 'just getting around by bicycle ', get in touch with Frocks on Bikes, originally started in Wellington, New Zealand,

but now in other centres: https://frocksonbikes.wordpress.com/

The original Copenhagen Cycle chic show-cases ladies on bicycles in that city and is being emulated in many other centres around the world.

If you're in West Auckland , get in touch with The Handlebra Easy Rider club in TeAtatu: http://handlebraeasyriderclub.blogspot.com/

in Edmonton , Canada http://girlsandbicycles.blogspot.com/