Ted Howard in Nelson ( New Zealand ) is operating a business using 

this Xtracycle with an electric assist Stokemonkey motor from www.cleverchimp.com, ( also known as )   www.clevercycles.com 

Dutch Cargo Bike -
Australia and New Zealand  ( September 2010 )

Xtracycles from California  ( http://www.xtracycle.com/ ) are available through

South End Cycles in Levin, New Zealand.

 http://www.southendcycles.co.nz/  or their other site : http://www.trikesnz.co.nz/

At Trikes New Zealand we are dedicated to offer a wide range of bicycles and tricycles, all custom-made, to give more mobility or simply to enjoy life on 2 or 3 wheels.

Brian Gilbert started building Worldrider and Lorenz tricycles for a few local clients from his well-known bike shop in 1986. 

117-119 Oxford Street, Levin, New Zealand 

ph. 06 367 8272, fax. 06 367 0146   brian@southendcycles.co.nz

Mundo Utility Bicycle  is designed to promote affordable, scaleable transportation for cargo and people, particularly for developing parts of the world that rely heavily on human-powered mobility in rugged conditions. Of course, it works just as well taking your dog and your camping gear to a lake for a weekend. Or running errands around town. Or hauling a new piece of furniture home that you just picked up at a garage sale. It’s a bike built for anyone, anywhere.

bike for transport Large, integrated cargo platforms for easy loading
commuter bike Room to transport up to 3 passengers safely
bike transportation Scaleable frame with low top tube for riders of different sizes
cargo bike Reinforced dropouts for cargo or passenger transport
transport bike V-Brakes, gears.
commuter bike High tensile steel frame
cycle utility Reinforced rims, axles, cranks, with cargo-strength tires

Available in New Zealand through : 


CARGO BIKE NZ ( Click below to read the article ).

CARGO BIKE NZ - Stuart Edwards
4 Burke Grove Naenae
Lower Hutt 5011
New Zealand
Phone: 04 5770746

From  Copenhagen,Denmark.

 Christiania bikes from Copenhagen, Denmark.

 from the Netherlands.


Dutch families with two or more children quickly have a problem when they do the errands by bicycle in the city. Heavy bags on the handlebar, one child seated in front and another behind results in unsafe situations. The Cargobike offers a solution. A transport bicycle that's user friendly and ensures absolute cycling pleasure. The Cargobike has a low instep and the centre of gravity is close to the ground. The Cargobike is extremely manoeuvrable, convenient and light steering. The kids sit in a tough wooden box in front of the rider and are held securely with three-point harnesses.

Other cargo bike manufacturers in the Netherlands... 


De Redding



Work cycles

More cargo bike links..


 LONG JOHN work-horse bicycles  http://www.longjohn.org/

A "Long John" is a two-wheeled load bike with a low cargo bay between steering tube and front wheel.


PSBikes in Melbourne , Australia.


Christianiabikes was developed in the early ‘80 as a mode of transport in the car and care -free city of Christiania in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then it has become a permanent and popular fixture all over Europe, transporting kids, flowers, ice cream, post and tourists around town, with everyone enjoying the healthy, environmentally sound and happy lifestyle it creates. psbikes are the only Australian importer of these wonderful bikes.

Email : peter@psbikes.com.au

Mobile : Peter - 0402 766 503
1 Hillcrest Avenue,
3186 Brighton, VIC. Australia.



The Aquaduct looks like a tricycle with a solid trunk area.

 That trunk contains a tank capable of holding enough water for a family's daily use. In addition to propelling the vehicle, pedaling the bike also sucks water from the rear tank, through an internal filtration system, and into a clean drinking water reservoir. The bike’s drive train can be disengaged while parked, and the Aquaduct used as a stationary filtration device. Five California-based design students built the Aquaduct for rural, third-world countries where many people either walk for miles or use a motorized vehicle to retrieve water, and then use up time and energy to boil the water. The Aquaduct provides the transportation sans fossil fuel, eliminates the need for wood or other fuels to heat the water, and is emissions free.