About Slipstreamz
Formed in 2004 by Lonnie Tiegs, Slipstreamz is based in South Africa where Tiegs resides and created a new form of earwear for cyclists. As an experienced road and mountain cyclist of more than 15 years, Tiegs, president and chief executive officer of Slipstreamz, noticed his ears rang after riding and that he began having difficulty hearing sounds in the high range. Inspired by this annoyance, Tiegs developed “The Slip” and it is now available online and in selected retailers around the world.

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Cyclists wind noise limiting device

A wind noise limiting device (10) selectively reducing wind noise while allowing ambient sounds to reach a wearer's ear (18). A sound-permeable body (20), is optionally shaped to surround an outer ear of the wearer, and includes an open-weave mesh (24) of a plastic material which permits air movement through holes in the mesh. Fibers (28) are attached to the mesh. The fibers alter the air flow passing through the device to reduce noise created by air movement across the mesh. The device is attached to a chin strap (12) of a helmet (14). In an alternate embodiment, the body is positioned in front of the ear, and interrupts moving air approaching the ear from the front.


Ear wind shield


This invention relates to cyclist safety accessories. More particularly this invention relates to an ear wind shield for cyclists. An ear wind shield alleviates wind roar and allows cyclists to perceive rearwardly approaching passing motor vehicles which would otherwise be imperceptible.