Oil Prices

 I'm motivated to lobby for utility cycling for a number of reasons:
 - the delightful experiences I had as a 'utility' cyclist during my 10 years in Japan,
- the frustration of not being able to enjoy the same freedoms and access to urban utility cycling appropriate technologies in my own country,
- my understanding of the science of climatology and disappointment at our government's lack of will to treat the issue with the seriousness that it deserves and the lack of progress with making reductions in Greenhouse gas emissions.

- a deep concern about the lack of awareness in New Zealand of our vulnerability caused by our addiction to and our almost total reliance on imported fossil fuels
- the phenomenon known as 'peak oil' which ( with oil prices sailing up through the all time record highs) we may already be experiencing.
- the  health costs and the crippling  financial diversion from our economy of the funds used to procure fossil fuels which could be better spent on perfecting our beautiful country.

I am concerned that, if in the event that New Zealand does lose access to affordable oil, our economy and society will descend into chaos because of the lack of a comprehensive alternative transport network. i.e. electrified trains , light rail, and a fleet of bicycles appropriate to urban utility use to serve our communities for short trips.
-In today's world this may all seem just a wee bit loony but in the event that we are negatively affected by the vicissitudes of international politics, the Labour Government's call to achieve 'Sustainability' will take on a horrifyingly real significance.

If we don't change, we'll end up where we're going...

ALan Preston October 2007

An alternative approach