Alan is the author of this Urban Bicycles web-site, presently (since June 2009) living in Mangawhai, 110 kms north of Auckland, New Zealand. 


Kia ora ! 

I've just put this page together as a repository for some of my own opinions and observations. 

You may have already read the pages I've put together on why I'm 'bothering' to do this, ( actually I can't stop myself !) , on how I think it can be achieved and the submissions I've made to Local, Regional and Central Government. 

I've also put pages together which include my opinions and observations  on how the concept and definition of what a 'cyclist'is and the law as it applies to cyclists, is limiting the uptake of cycling in New Zealand  ,  the helmet law and the law prohibiting cyclists from choosing to use the existing network of segregated pathways (i.e. those currently designated as 'footpaths'). 

 Alan  ( 25th of August 2009 ) 

My 10 years experience of 'utility'cycling , unhelmeted on the footpaths of Japan.

The questionnaire I sent out to all the candidates in the 2007 Local Government elections ( which necessitated putting this site together ).

Letters I've written