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Finesse by Breezer Bikes

Cargo bikes

A video of a discussion on how to get more people on bikes from Commute By Bike in January 2008 followed by a discussion thread.

John Pucher,Ph.D. has written some interesting papers focusing on providing

a comparative study between cycling in the U.S.A and Europe.

Sheldon Brown: 02/03/08:
Dear Harris Cyclery friends and customers,
It is with heavy hearts that we convey to you the news that Sheldon Brown has passed away. About Sheldon Harris on Wikipedia


 The Bicycle Bum has an excellent  list of links to bicycle manufacturers ( esp. in the U.S.).

"This site is designed to provide some information for those who enjoy riding their bicycles in a non-competitive recreational manner or use their bicycles for regular transportation to and from work or wherever."