Urban Beauty Supply

Store Hours


9:00AM - 8:00PM


11:00AM - 5:00PM


Urban Beauty Supply goes beyond classic

health and beauty aids to offer exclusive

and hard-to-find products not found anywhere



Founded in 2005, Urban Beauty Supply set out

to provide an upscale shopping environment in

a unique setting. 


Four years later, Urban Beauty Supply continues

to grow by the grace of its public.


To all of our loyal customers, Thank You!

For more information, please call 913-268-8760.


"I am so happy to see all of you commenting and supporting this store as they are very helpful with your needs but don't make you uncomfortable asking too many questions. They give you room to look and I always love the music as well. I however did always wonder how the salon in the back was, and now that I know I will definately be checking that out. Great store and I wish I had one back home in Florida." - Mrs. Weeks via Yahoo!
"This store is wonderful.The staff is knowledgeable and very nice. I never know what I want but they are so helpful and always willing to help you find the product you need. The store is clean and organized and they always have the latest products. I am so happy they are in this area." - satisfied lady via Yahoo!
"I have had the most wonderful experience entering that store. You walk in and its not a complete mall all over you experience. They are very pleasant and take the time to help you. Even when you have no idea what you want. So I give props to Urban Beauty Supply. You guys are great. Thanks for the wonderful attention. 100% GREATNESS!!!" - Babea Girl via Yahoo!
"The employees at this store were by far the most helpful and friendly of all the others in town (and I do mean ALL the others!) My sew-in extensions look incredible!! I recommend the stylists highly! The store is small but immaculate, and the product selection is great. I definitely will return again and again!" - Dave via Yahoo
"A very good store.: I thought it would be a bigger store. However, I was still impressed with the service and selection. It was very clean and smelled wonderful." - tresha040876 via Yahoo!
"Great Service: I recommend this place to everyone. Very friendly and actually get personal help from staff without feeling like a burden or rushed. I would defiantly go here before some of the stores in the city."  Local Yahoo! User via Yahoo!

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