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The UrbanAR workshop will he held in Fukuoka, Japan on Oct 3rd, 2015 as an official ISMAR workshop. For venue and access, please refer to the official ISMAR website.

  • The workshop will be a joint workshop with WS5: 1st International Workshop on Visual Recognition and Retrieval for Mixed and Augmented Reality
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  • Short papers are now available online. Long papers will be available on IEEExplore soon, they are also included in ISMAR Proceedings USB key.
Cities have started collecting tons of information about themselves using vast sensors arrays and stored in Geographical Information Systems. All this mass of information can already be enriched by citizens through user-generated content. Beyond collecting, abstracting and storing this information raises the problem of its representation. A reasonable assumption is that onsite presentation of the adequate information would provide a good solution. A analogy can be made with the GPS-based navigation systems that merely render a directed arrow depending on location and itinerary. Such a system can be seen as the basis of an augmented reality system. Many projects involving augmented reality in urban environments have emerged in the last 15 years. Yet there remains challenges both on the applications and technological points of views:

  • Outdoor localization and mapping, i.e. how can a city-wide 6 degrees-of-freedom AR system be built? What data does it require to work? Where is such data stored and if required, how can it be remotely consulted?
  • Data presentation, i.e. how can the mass of data be selected, aggregated and adapted to the user so that he only faces the appropriate data? How can the display adapt to the AR conditions (specific contrasts, mitigation strategies to unstable tracking, labeling)?
  • Interaction and authoring, i.e. how can a on-site user edit, update or add content to the existing database?
  • Application domains, i.e. what are the possible applications of augmented reality in an urban environment? are they directed towards local authorities, citizens, professionals?  Do they have the same tracking requirements?
  • Acceptability: sensors and networks everywhere of course both raise privacy and health problems, augmented reality will have to face such issues.
  • Hardware issues: does the existing available hardware allow to have a real use of outdoor augmented reality applications?

The goal of this ISMAR 2015 workshop is to review the challenges of urban augmented reality and the available methods that aim at solving some of those challenges and to give the audience of the variety of the existing and yet to invent applications. Beyond the classical presentations and discussions of a workshop, a particular goal of this workshop is the production of a collective document (if possible in a publishable form) about remaining challenges of augmented reality. The second output will a be a website including challenges, solutions to this challenges and applications pages. Part of this workshop can be seen as a followup to the ISMAR 2009 Let's go out workshop dedicated to outdoor AR held in Orlando.

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Workshop website ready May 21, 2015  
Submission site opens June 25, 2015  
Scientific paper submission deadline July 30, 2015  
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