Parent Access

If you have not yet created a Parent Access account you can do so at anytime during the school year. Please contact the office at your child’s school or Kelli Marsh (kelli.marsh@urbanacityschools.org 937-653-1490) to obtain the information needed to create an account. Once your account has been created, it will remain active until your child graduates.

Parents can use the Parent Access site to keep in contact with teachers. When you are logged into the Parent Access site, choose the “class information” link on the left hand side. On the class information page, you will see boxes that contain class name, teacher name, teacher email and room number. You can click on the teacher email link to compose an email directly to that teacher.

Ohio Hi Point is now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 school year.  Apply online at https://www.ohiohipoint.com/high-school/admissions


There are also Admission Visits for sophomores that are interested in coming to Ohio Hi-Point on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During their visit they will ride the bus from UHS, visit two labs of their choice, and eat lunch at OHP.  Contact Mrs. Leonard at UHS for more information on this.


Parent Access

When you login to your Parent Access account, you may see two different types of comments from your child’s teacher(s). You may see a daily comment at the very top of the home screen in a box titled “Today’s comments.” You can also view the daily comments by subject area by clicking on the “grades” link. Daily comments are designed to inform parents about a child’s behavior, actions or other important information regarding that specific day. You may also see assignment comments that are related to a specific assignment. These comments will appear directly below the name of the assignment and are designed to inform parents about information specific to that assignment. You will see these comments on the Home Screen on the day they are posted. After that, you can view the assignment comments by clicking the “grades” link and choosing a subject area.

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UHS Guidance Services offered:
            Small group counseling
            Individual counseling
            College/Career counseling
            Scheduling questions and concerns

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Credit may not be given unless:  in semester classes, student attains passing grade in 2 of 3 grades (1st and 2nd nine weeks and 
semester exam) regardless of total points earned, in year courses, student attains passing grades in 2 of 3 second semester grades (3rd and 4th nine weeks and final exam) regardless of points earned.  See entire grading policies on page 13 in the student handbook.

If you have a question or would like to contact us please call (937) 653-1424 or via email

Our mailing address is : Urbana High School Guidance
                                      500 Washington Ave.
                                      Urbana, Ohio 43078

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