Harvest Reports

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This section features reports on urban agriculture in four cities - Philadelphia, Camden and Trenton NJ, and Chicago - where we have quantified food production and traced distribution from community gardens and urban farms.  The goal of this ongoing research is to understand the roles and impacts of gardens and farms in building food security for households and communities.  Reports and articles from this research may be downloaded below. 

The Philadelphia PA report focuses on the recent history, geography, and scale of production in the city's community gardens -
almost $5 million of summer vegetables in 2008.  We found that community gardens growing food in the city declined from 501 gardens in 1996 to 226 in 2008. 

The Camden NJ report profiles the recent growth of gardening in one of America's poorest cities.  It focuses on the ways people and community organizations use gardening to fight hunger and strengthen networks of social support. 

The Trenton NJ report examines the ways community gardens and gardeners promote urban resilience. 

Our fieldwork has included:

  • On-the-ground, citywide surveys of community gardens in Philadelphia (2008) and Camden and Trenton (2009), and Chicago (2013).
  • Weighing of harvest at a cross-section of gardens in different sections of the three cities.
  • Interviews with gardeners on the distribution of harvest, history and social life of gardens, as well as interviews with garden support program staff.
We have also tracked the growth of urban farming and gardening through evaluation research for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's City Harvest Growers Alliance in Philadelphia and for the Camden Grows project of the Camden City Garden Club. 

Below are the Camden, Philadelphia, and Trenton Harvest Reports available for download. The Philadelphia report is available as a larger file with images or a smaller file without photos. Two short articles on this research are also below.  

Research Team
Domenic Vitiello, Assistant Professor of City Planning, U. Penn
Michael Nairn, Lecturer in Urban Studies, U. Penn
JA Grisso, Professor of Medicine and Nursing, U. Penn
Noah Swistak, Master of City Planning student, U. Penn
Kevin Levy, Urban Studies student, U. Penn
Sarah Zuckerman, Urban Studies student, U. Penn
Jenny Chen, Economic and Urban Studies student, U. Penn
Sally Reynolds, Master of Landscape Architecture student, U. Penn
Kelly Porter, Master of City Planning student, U. Penn
Maura Goldstein, Health & Societies student, U. Penn
Vanessa Kennedy, Master of City Planning student, Rutgers U.
Reilly Kiernan, Sociology student, Princeton U.


Camden City Garden Club
NeighborSpace, Chicago 
Isles in Trenton
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, City Harvest Program
Penn State Agricultural Extension, Philadelphia County

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