Welcome to the webpage of QFT Seminar at UQ. This is a learning seminar run by a group of mathematicians to educate themselves and others (including students) about mathematical aspects of quantum field theory. For information about the seminar in any given year, click on the appropriate page. 

In the words of the authors of the book on Mirror Symmetry "It is now believed that all of physics should be based on some quantum field theory. This is mainly because all the known forces and matter in nature can be described by some quantum field theory". Many areas of mathematics have also been directly or indirectly influenced by QFT, including algebraic topology, algebraic and differential geometry, non-commutative geometry and representation theory. Fundamental questions in quantum field theory turn out to be fundamental questions in mathematics as well. The aim of this seminar is to help participant become "bilingual" and familiarise themselves with some basic methods of both fields.