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Workshops and Special Events

Details of workshops run during the Upwey Potters Annual Exhibition
are set out below.

The exhibition runs from 27th May to 11th June 2017 at the
Upwey Old School Village Hall.

There is an email link below, which enables you to easily sign up
for getting on a throwing session. We are currently sorting out the
dates, but if you use that link to tell us which session you would like
to come on, we can then get back to you with a confirmation.

We will have groups coming in on some of the days, so the available dates for the public
to come and play with us are set out below.

Fil Cooke and Laurence Eastwood should be unloading the Soda Firing kiln in the playground, to reveal the pottery and explain how the firing is done. There are pages on this website about soda firing at this link and at this link.

During the show, when not doing anything else, the potters will be demonstrating their various skills and methods of making their work. They are happy to talk to our visitors and explain the processes and motivations.

Throwing Workshops

There will be pottery throwing workshops during the fortnight - half day sessions for beginners and also "masterclasses" for the more advanced.
Sessions last 3 hours, starting at 10am and 2pm. Maximum of 5 people per session.
Charge £20 per session or £35 for two sessions, including clay, but not including any firing.

You can start to book your places by clicking this email link and tell us about your preferences.

Young people (less than 18) must be accompanied by responsible adult at all times.

Dates Available
Fri 2 Jun am /pm
Sat 3 Jun am /pm
Sun 4 Jun am /pm
Wed 7 Jun am /pm
Thu 8 Jun am /pm
Fri 9 Jun am /pm
Sat 10 Jun am /pm

For the fee you get as much clay as you need, a demonstration and some help learning the basics of throwing on the wheel. Wear old clothes and bring a camera!
If you make a masterpiece that you want fired you can negotiate with us to do that after the event. Otherwise your efforts can be photographed and recycled - you can take them home unfired if you wish, then you can play with the clay by recycling it.
You can also buy clay for £2/kg to take home and play with.

"Masterclasses" will be structured according to the demands of those wishing to attend.

You can phone the hall  01305 815216 during the event to book sessions, but the demand may be high.