In the framework of the French La main à la pâte programme for the renewal of science and technology education in school (, the French Academy of sciences is organising, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, its third International seminar on science and technology education in school. This seminar will take place from 4 to 9 June 2012 at the International Centre for Educational Studies (CIEP) in Sèvres, near Paris. It will address inquiry-based science education issues, strategies for innovation in educational practices and strategies for generalisation into educational systems. The seminar will focus especially on the continuous professional development of science teachers.

This operation is supported by the Directorate for Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Directorate of European and International Affairs and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) and The UNESCO.

You will find all the related information on the seminar, in French and English, in the following website

      This meeting is intended for 50 trainers and decision-makers of the foreign educational systems, wishing to get acquainted with the methods and the tools developed in France. The objective is to support them in the renewal of science education and the implementation of an inquiry-based science education in class in their country.
 The participants will be selected by the seminar organisers, according to the information filled in the registration form available on the website, that must be sent back before 28 February 2012.

      In the review of the application, particular attention will be paid to the impact that the participants could have on national initiatives in science education in their country (public policy, teacher training institutions, pilot programs). Applications presented by a competent institution in this domain, or double application (2 persons from the same country) are encouraged, if the profile of the participants is complementary and guarantees a better transfer within their national system.

The priority will be given to persons who have not participated in the previous seminars.

     Training fees and most part of the costs related to the stay are covered by the French part during the whole duration of the seminar.
Participants (or their institution) will bear the costs of international travel expenses, visa fees and some meals.

      We think that your organisation could be interested in participating in this international seminar or convey the information to its partners. 

We thank you in advance for disseminating this announcement through all relevant means.