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This is the current (2019) page for Uptown-on-the-Lakes morris dance group (formerly Uptown-on-Calhoun Morris).  

Uptown-on-the-Lakes is a mixed-gender morris side based in Minneapolis, MN.

What's a morris side, you ask?

Well, it's a bunch of people who do morris dancing, a traditional English type of street performance. Uptown-on-the-Lakes is one of several such groups in the Twin Cities, each of which has its own personality and style. You may see us at street fairs, in local parks, or at neighborhood festivals, in addition to larger events, such as the Festival of Nations. We like to dance and sing and make loud noises in front of people. So we tie bells around our legs and have an accordion with us most of the time. 

Come see us dance!


Sunday Sept. 29 - Minnesota Renaissance Festival (with Minnesota Traditional Morris)

Halloween Oct. 31 - Diamond Lake neighborhood - Horn Dance processional

Saturday Dec. 1 - International festival, Ukrainian Center, Main St.

Sunday Dec. 8 - Minnesota Institute of Art - afternoon workshops (details tba)

2020 (expected):

May Day - dawn at the riverside, rest of day around town

May - Festival of Nations, River Centre, St. Paul

Fire in the Shire (Alma, WI) usually in June

Renaissance Festival, September

Halloween, Oct. 31

International Festival, November

When we are not performing, we practice on Thursday evenings (7:15 - 9:30) in south Minneapolis.

We practice at Linden Hills Recreation Center (3100 West 43rd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410) ; Google map.
In the summer, we often perform at various parks instead, so check with us first before coming.

We are open to visitors, spectators and hopeful dancers, male and female. We accept new members at most times EXCEPT the very end of a dance season.

Our winter Border morris season runs from the fall equinox to late January.

Our summer Cotswold morris season runs from Groundhog's Day (February) to fall equinox.


  • §  Don Kaiser SQUIRE (aka Chief Executive Officer)

  • §  Eric Dam FORE (aka Instructor, choreographer)

  • Laurie Ford WEBSITE LACKEY

If you are intrigued by us, and want to share the life of a morris dancer, email us or come to a practice. We're happy to meet new folks and teach them about dancing.

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