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Susan Taylor

Where you are from?: Montana
Where you currently live: Seattle
PacRim trip/year: 05-06
College Major: History, MA in East Asian Studies
Occupation: Manager at Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
Research/370 Topic: ha ha...didn't have to do one!
Best PacRim memory: Ah! So hard. Losar in Dharamsala, Lake Huvsgal in Mongolia, Great Wall trip
Best care package item: magazines
Best item brought with you on the trip: mini-stapler
Something unique about PacRim: Nima

Where you've returned to: nowhere so far...sad.
Favorite Food on PacRim: GJJ's (Dhvanyaloka--sp?--center), and a jiaozi restaurant in Beijing that I'll never be able to find again.
Favorite Place: Everywhere, minus a few train stations in India.

Concluding Remarks: Everywhere I look in my apartment, I see a memento from Pac Rim. Since I did Pac Rim as a staff member, it didn't necessarily affect my career or life plans, but it's a huge part of me and has strongly influenced the way I understand the world. My recommendation is to keep in touch with each other after Pac Rim is done. Pac Rim is ultimately about the people you share the journey with and you'll always have that bond.

Alec Gardner

Where you are from?: Colbert, WA
Where you currently live: Cincinnati, OH
PacRim trip/year: 2005-06
College Major: Asian Studies
Occupation: Graduate Student at the University of Cincinnati DAAP
Research/370 Topic: Restoration and Preservation Attempts at Religious/Cultural Tourist Sites
Best PacRim memory: Mandates and wandering around megalopolises
Best care package item: Taco Seasoning
Best item brought with you on the trip: iPod
Something unique about PacRim: Classroom lecture locations (i.e. train stations, larch forests, freight elevators)
Where you've returned to: Mongolia, China, and India
Favorite Food on PacRim: yang rou chuan
Favorite Place: JJ's in Mysore, India

Andrea Hatch

Where you are from?: Boise, ID
Where you currently live: Chicago, IL
PacRim trip/year: 2005/2006
College Major: Asian Studies/Comparative Sociology
Occupation: Manager of Career Placement @ The Cara Program (Non-Profit)
Research/370 Topic: Women's Development NGOs: History and Strategies in India and Malaysia
Best PacRim memory: It's so hard to choose just one memory from thousands of special ones! One of the first to come to mind is camping out under the stars on the Mongolian plain and being able to see the full breadth of the Milky Way without any other visible lights.
Best care package item: Crystal Light packets
Best item brought with you on the trip: pocketknife, travel can-opener
Something unique about PacRim: Contact in each country - The Abbot, Dr. Rao, etc.
Where you've returned to: Nowhere yet, but soon!
Favorite Food on PacRim: Japanese host mom's cooking, jiaozi in Beijing, Thai mango & sticky rice
Favorite Place: Cambodia & Mongolia

Concluding Remarks: Pac Rim, the people and the places, is one of the defining experiences of my life. Pac Rim turned a life-long fascination with travel and other cultures into a meaningful worldview and helped me identify realistic options to keep both a part of my personal and professional life.

Claire Baldwin

Where you are from?: Juneau, Alaska
Where you currently live: Juneau, Alaska
PacRim trip/year: 2005/2006
College Major: Asian Studies, minor Sociology
Occupation: Human Resources
Research/370 Topic: Comparison of family values/gender roles in Japan and India
Best PacRim memory: There are too many! But the whole Mongolian road trip is one of the strangest adventures on the trip and I hardly believe it myself when I tell other people about it. It just sounds so crazy coming out of my mouth!
Best care package item:Underwear!
Best item brought with you on the trip: Not sure... Jump rope? camera? ...Susan's season 1&2 of Arrested Development
Something unique about PacRim: That it's like no other exchange program that any other college offers. That UPS has made it so easy to take a year of classes with 20 classmates in a part of the world that so many people never make it to.
Where you've returned to: Haven't made it back yet.
Favorite Food on PacRim: Those dumplings in China-- Jiao Tse? I don't know how to spell it. I used to dream about them at night.
Favorite Place: It's a tie between Dharamsala and Kyoto.

Daniel Cairns

Where you are from?: Tacoma
Where you currently live: Chicago
PacRim trip/year: 2005/2006
College Major: Asian Studies
Occupation: Student
Research/370 Topic: Sacred cities, divine empires, and the "Asiatic mode of production"
Best PacRim memory: Playing music in Mongolia, riding bikes around Kyoto, riding electric bikes around Angkor, and partying in Beijing after 370 was done
Best care package item: Photos of my family and friends
Best item brought with you on the trip: A good backpack full of books
Something unique about PacRim: Elisabeth Benard and Nima Dorjee

Where you've returned to: China, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand
Favorite Food on PacRim: JJ's Masala Dosai
Favorite Place: Mongolia

Concluding Remarks: Well, now I'm a grad student pursuing some of the same topics that I wrote about in the 370. I return to Asia as frequently as possible. Nothing has changed, really, just solidified.

Michael O'Malley

Where you are from?: Portland, OR
Where you currently live: Portland, OR
PacRim trip/year: 2005/2006
College Major: History/Asian Studies
Research/370 Topic: Communist Personality Cults
Best care package item:Articles & Books for 370 . . .
Favorite Food on PacRim: Jaozu & kyushu Ramen
Favorite Place: Mongolia


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