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Carley Sasaki

Where you are from?: Mililani, Hawaii
Where you currently live: Seattle, Washington
PacRim trip/year: 2002-2003
College Major: Business/Asian Studies, Psychology (minor)
Occupation: Marketing Senior Assistant Manager at the Bureau of Education & Research
Website: facebook?
Research/370 Topic: The Business of Religion in Japan and Thailand
Best PacRim memory: Such a difficult question.  The one that comes to my mind at this instant is of all of us sitting in a ger in Mongolia - and the head of the family asking Rob to sing.  He sings Country Road - and we all chime in, which then makes me remember singing on the bus in China with our tour guides -- with Robert playing the guitar -- that guitar that he bought in Mongolia . . .

Best care package item: Nice underwear.  I skimped and brought the crappy stuff and then eventually had the good stuff sent out to me.
Best item brought with you on the trip: XL super-absorbant towel... or ziploc bags.
Something unique about PacRim: The whole thing.  You CANNOT beat the experience.  It still comes up in conversation soooo often, because it is a huge part of where I am today.

Where you've returned to: Haven't returned - PacRim has inspired me to be a world traveler/back packer, and since then, I've been to about 10 other countries.
Favorite Food on PacRim: Grrrr, another unfair question.  /the Phad Thai at our school in Chiang Mai.  And BANANA SHAKES!!!!!!!!
Favorite Place: Not a fair question.  But perhaps Mongolia.  Or Thailand. Or Okinawa.

Concluding Remarks: PacRim changed my life.  I definitely became a world traveler/adventurer because of the trip.  I wouldn't have dared to go and do some of the things I did because of it.  After PacRim I took a job that allowed me to travel domestically to 49 states and all the provinces of Canada, which in turn allowed me to see a lot of the country, especially places that one would not ordinarily go to.  In addition, it gave me the miles to travel on my vacations to Africa, Europe, and South America.

Heather Hudson

Where you are from?: Seattle, WA
Where you currently live: Tacoma, WA
PacRim trip/year: 2002-2003
College Major: Asian Studies
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Website: facebook?
Research/370 Topic: "A Dying Anxiety" Death and Dying in Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism (or something like that)

Best PacRim memory: Too many to pick one...Examples: Thankfully finding fellow PacRimmers on the shinkansen to Hokkaido, Holi and the Thai waterfight holidays, eating food everywhere, and throwing a bag of vomit out the bus window in India
Best care package item: Chex Mix
Best item brought with you on the trip: My camera
Something unique about PacRim: Becoming so close and bonded with your classmates that you bathe together and talk about bodily functions with no shame or reservations
Where you've returned to: Tacoma
Favorite Food on PacRim: The XXY deep fried meat pancake of Mongolia
Favorite Place: I guess, Mongolia and Cambodia

Concluding Remarks: PacRim has made it easier to travel the world and be comfortable and adaptable in doing so... it also gives you a big travel bug.

Robert Peterson

Where you are from?: Shreveport, Louisiana
Where you currently live: Beijing, China
PacRim trip/year: 2002/2003
College Major: History and Asian Studies
Occupation: currently completing an International MBA
Research/370 Topic: Chinese cosmological belief systems and their impact on urban planning in the Japanese imperial capitals
Best PacRim memory: Going to the Bahai'i temple in New Delhi
Best care package item: extra crunchy Jiff peanut butter
Best item brought with you on the trip: I didn't really bring any special items with me on the trip.  I did, however, buy a little cookie monster stuffed animal in Kyoto and for some reason a couple people were freaked out by it
Something unique about PacRim: how quickly you get used to not showering every day and wearing the same clothes day in and day out
Where you've returned to: China
Favorite Food on PacRim: the Tibetan momos in Dharmsala
Favorite Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Concluding Remarks: PacRim and Asia have played a significant role in my life.  I am currently reside in Beijing and am completing an International MBA, concentrating on supply-chain management for U.S. companies who have their manufacturing bases in China.  My advice for future Pacrimmers is to get as much of your 370 done as possible the summer before your departure, I spent a significant part of my time in Thailand working on it and have always felt that I missed most of that part of the trip.  PacRim is a unique experience and you need to take every opportunity to see and do as much as you can while you are out there.


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