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Sarah "Sally Toothaker" Campbell

Where you are from?: Centralia, Washington
Where you currently live: Seattle, Washington
PacRim trip/year: 81-82
College Major: Asian Studies
Occupation: Associate Director, Community Life Dept, University Presbyterian Church
Best PacRim memory: From nine months of life abroad? I'll just randomly pick one: dancing in the streets of Jogjakarta during a sudden monsoon that flooded the street up to our ankles. Then it ended as quickly as it started. The equatorial sun dried our clothes in minutes.
Best care package item: Letters
Best item brought with you on the trip: Journal to write in and camera
Something unique about PacRim: Learning to be a citizen of the world by experiencing it under the guidance of a compassionate, inspiring teacher (Bob Albertson)
Where you've returned to: China and Korea in 1995 to visit friends I met while on PacRim and Japan for business, 1994
Favorite Food on PacRim: pent Head Garlie Leaf. I didn't actually eat it, but it was my favorite item on a menu.
Favorite Place: I loved something about each place we went.

Concluding Remarks: PacRim gave me a sensitivity to people of other cultures and experiences that I would never have had otherwise. I do not work in a field involving Asia, but this trip provides an instant bond to people who have lived or traveled there. I learned to be a more humble, compassionate, involved citizen of the world from an inspiring teacher - Bob Albertson. I learned that my American perspective is not the only valuable perspective, and that I should never assume I fully understand any given situation or person, always seeking to look deeper. I learned patience and a willingness to accept the surprise of whatever may come "mai pen rai". Buddhist philosophy deeply influenced my life. I continued Buddhist meditation classes with Amity Leland McCarty for a couple of years here in Seattle. In short, as for anyone who has been on PacRim, my life was irrevocably and wonderfully deepened in ways that can't be fully expressed.


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