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Miscellaneous thoughts and lists.

Favorite Restaurants

1.    888 Chinese Restaurant (picture)
2.    Banshni Cafe (outside, inside)
3.    travel kitchen chefs in the Gobi (picture)
4.    Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant (picture)
5.    German Bakery (picture)
6.    Mediterranean Cuisine (picture)
7.    Bean House Vegetarian Café (picture)

Favorite Foods

1.    Tsovan (picture)
2.    Alibi Bars (picture)
3.    Hoshoo (picture, eating)
4.    Fried Tofu
5.    Khoorkhog: the “real Mongolian BBQ” (picture)
6.    Buuz (picture)
7.    Borsh
8.    Fried potatoes

Best Places to go spend Tugrug

1.    Black Market (picture 1, picture 2)
2.    State Department Store (picture 1, picture 2)
3.    Internet Center internet café (picture)
4.    Random merchants who set up shop in the Gobi
5.    24 hour Supermarket (picture)
6.    Morning Glory stationery store (picture)
7.    Hidden shops off of Peace Avenue in UB (picture)
8.    Random vendors on street (picture)

Favorite Buildings/Landmarks in Ulaanbaatar

1.    The “sail” building (picture 1, picture 2)
2.    Gers (picture 1, picture 2)
3.    The Art Museum (picture)
4.    Sukhbatar Square (picture 1, picture 2)
5.    The Trade & Development Bank with the mosaic clock (picture)
6.    Open manholes (picture)
7.    The giant Coca-Cola ad on the post office building (picture)
8.    The “sewing machine” building (picture)
9.    random playgrounds (picture)

Top 10 best memories

1.    Playing with kids in town while waiting for buses to get gas
2.    Taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the gentle breezes of the Mongolian countryside
3.    Random dance party at Chinggis Khan University
4.    Playing in the Khongor sand dunes – reaching the top, sledding, and riding camels
5.    Pushing the bus out of the sand
6.    Learning to appreciate life by risking one’s life every time you try to cross the street
7.    Throat singing beatboxing
8.    Waking up to a vicious sand storm in the Gobi
9.    Searching for dinosaur bones at the Flaming Cliffs
10.    Singing Aini Shouvo in unison in a big circle at the end of our Gobi trip

Places we’ve had class

    -Lamrim monastery classroom (inside, outside)
    -numerous gers (picture)
    -Mongolian countryside (picture)
    -Hunting Museum (picture)
    -Zanabazar Art Museum (picture)
    -Natural History Museum (picture)
    -Arhangay Provincial Museum (picture)
    -Bogd Khan palace (ticket picture)
    -Tovshin-2 Ger Camp restaurant (picture)
    -busses (picture)
    -Amsterdam Café (picture)
    -Mongolia’s ancient capital Khar Khorum, and Erdene Zuu Monastery (picture)
    -Ganden Monastery (picture)

Places we’ve slept

    -Zaya Hostel #1 & Zaya Hostel #2
    -not-so-nice hotel in Arvayheer
    -nice hotel in Harhorim
    -Arya bal Monastery



Pics from Mongolia


Featured: Tatar (Mongolian Hip Hop)

Mongolian national anthem (modernized, celebrityized?)
Modern Nomads (15-minute documentary piece)
Children Under Ground (made by the same group, 15 minutes)
Haranga (rock group, interesting music video)


If you hope to learn more about Mongolia, here are a few websites that might be helpful. 

General and Travel - Wikipedia page, general information on history and culture, links to several other useful pages, some of which are included below - CIA World Factbook, geographical, demographical, economic, and political data - US State Department page - Library of Congress country study (a tad outdated) - Lonely Planet travel facts, forums - Online magazine with travel tips - Maps

Language - Wikipedia page - Ethnologue, languages by number of speakers, dialect breakdowns - Omniglot, quick intro to the Classical Mongolian and Cyrillic writing systems - Really quick, effective way to pick up on Cyrillic - Useful Mongolian phrases from Omniglot - Mongolian lessons, grammar

Art - Literature, Fine Art, Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Television - The Legacy of Chinggis Khan art exhibit, including a comprehensive introductory essay - Music, fine art, theater, dance, film, entertainment, museums.  Some pages still under construction, but looks very promising. - News and events related to cultural happenings, artists, and entertainment

Religion - Collection of articles, pictures, and other information - From the same site, an overview of Mongolian monasteries, a few of which include detailed summaries

Miscellaneous - National Geographic, includes photos, music, video - NG special, several articles and photos on history, climate, traditions - Wrestling, a national pastime

Economy, Development - Human Development Index - WorldBank - IMF - Asian Development Bank - United Nations Development Program, Mongolia - UNICEF Mongolia

Politics - Wikipedia page - Government web portal - Mongolian Embassy to the US - List of political leaders - Essay on the political changes of the 90's

Human Rights - Human Rights Watch - Amnesty International 2008 assessment - various related AI articles

Health - World Health Organization page

Environment, Climate, Geography, Flora and Fauna - UNESCO biosphere reserves - Academy of Natural Sciences Asia biodiversity programs, several of which are based in Mongolia

Mass Media

Note that many of these are in Mongolian only, but are nevertheless included for entertainment purposes if nothing else - Зууны мэдээ ("Century News"), popular daily newspaper [Mongolian] - Daily News [Mongolian] - Өнөөдөр ("Today") [Mongolian] - The UB Post, Ulaanbaatar-based, English-language - "Mongolia's first English newspaper" - TV 9, with link to a live feed -UBS television, including live feed - Channel 25, has clips online - TV 5, also has clips available