traditional clothing

My Pac Rim first has been traditional clothing! So let's go through the places we've been.

I didn't end up getting a dell (leather jackets that many got) in Mongolia, and I wasn't the biggest fan of the dresses the women wore. Plus I was such a greenhorn that I hadn't committed to collecting clothing.

Next, Japan: I had been there before and got to wear a kimono as well as a yukata (a light, cotton summer kimono). My sister, who is living and working in Japan now as an English teacher, sent my parents and I yukata this past summer. We look quite good in them, I think.

In China, I had a qi-pao made. It's made of silk and a little bit scandalous!

In Vietnam, at the last minute, I had an ao dai made. That can be pronounced 'ow zai' in the north, but 'ow yai' in the south. It can be long or short sleeved, and it has billowy pants underneath.

India! I currently have two sarees, but my first was bought for the inaugural ball for President Obama that we held in Mysore. Note the patriotic colors!

In Dharamsala, many of us have bought chupas. It's a traditional Tibetan dress that is quite flattering and conservative. I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of these soon!