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Dr. Huu Ngoc, The Man of Many Wars and Words

posted Mar 14, 2009, 4:10 PM by Pacific Rim
During our two weeks of classes in Hanoi we were fortunate to receive several lectures from some prominent Vietnamese scholars. One of the lecturers, Dr. Huu Ngoc, was easily one of the most memorable people our group has encountered. The 89-year-old man is a renowned expert on Vietnamese culture and has recently published a 1124 page book on the subject. Dr. Ngoc has lived through French colonization and independence, Japanese occupation and the Vietnam War (Or the American War as it is known in Vietnam). He also worked for some time as a translator for President Ho Chi Minh.

Dr. Ngoc is a petite man with a very quite voice, yet he is animated and passionate about his country’s history and development. Every day he walked six kilometers before riding his motorbike to the university he teaches at. Dr. Ngoc lectured to our class about the cultural influences on Vietnamese history and development. He focused on Confucianism and China, Western imperialism, Communist ideology and again China, and globalization and tourism.

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(Article by Jessica)