Our Mission


We are a school community in crisis – we no longer believe that the State of Oregon can deliver the resources needed to facilitate a proper educational environment in our schools. We are teachers, parents, and students who have decided to take action directly and together as a community. We will not stand by and silently let any more resources be taken from our schools; resources our communities' youth so desperately need to give, thrive, find fulfillment, and lead in the 21st century.

The Purpose (Mission)

  • To let our community know what has been taken and what will be lost as a result of these ongoing cuts.
  • To come together as teachers, parents, and students to stop the cuts and foster a positive change.
  • To come together as teachers, parents, and students to promotion and celebration of education.
  • To stand united, not to blame, but to simply state that we can no longer accept budget cuts.

The Reason for our Existence

  • Teachers continue to work harder with fewer resources.
  • Students continue to have fewer choices in deteriorating learning environments.
  • Parents continue to be asked for more time and money to provide even the most basic educational services.
  • A quality education is the primary means to promote a strong economy and prevent future criminal involvement.


  1. To show that school budget cuts are causing irreversible damage as we cut essential services and programs.
  2. To show how united teachers, parents, and students can be a political and social alliance that can wield great dignity and power for the betterment of our communities.
  3. To plan, create, and implement public demonstration in our communities to bring to light what has been lost and what will be lost.
  4. To not stop even after we reach our goals. We intend to maintain these efforts as a means to protect and support the needs of our educational system, our community and our state.

If you have the capacity and the inclination please help us fund our efforts.

We are currently putting a hold on donations. Once we get our organization status determined and opproved we will be better prepared to accept needed donations, 

FYI = There is a service charge for using PayPal (but it provides a great convenience). 

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