Q: Why are you UPSET?

A: We are UPSET because we believe underfunded parents, students and educators needed to get together and let their voices be heard. We believe that many people have passionate answers as to why schools are not getting funded, but yet do not fully comprehend what cuts already made have done to our schools. We simply cannot afford any more cuts, our schools will no longer be viable institutions - we are UPSET because the greater community needs to know what is, and what will be, lost.

Q: What do you hope to achieve as a movement?

A: Our primary goal is to prevent more cuts from destroying our schools, which in turn will destroy our communities and harm our state. More specifically, however, here are the steps UPSET intends to take:

Short-term steps:
  • Make our voice heard across the state, especially by tax-payers and voters who are not already directly affected by these cuts, with hope that they will realize that our communities are in crisis;
  • Make our voice heard to so as to inspire others to join UPSET's movement;
  • Make our voice heard to the Legislature, with the intent that they will revisit the budget and do their duty to find the means to make sure we have a legitimate education.
Long-term steps:
  • Encourage the voters and tax-payers of Oregon to elect to the Legislature men and women who recognize, understand, and promise to act on the urgent issue of education;
  • Ensure that the legislature follows through in revising their plan to accommodate an acceptable and sufficient budget for schools.
  • All of these steps culminate in our true goal, and our true message: NO MORE CUTS. NO EXCUSES.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are three key things we need everyone to do!
  • PLEDGE - The very first thing you can do is pledge to join with us. Adding your name to the pledge will ensure you get occasional updates regarding future community minded actions. 
  • DONATE - Donate to the cause to make sure that we can make this march happen without further causing damage to our teachers! 
  • WRITE - Write to your legislators, write to someone you know on the school board, write letters to the editors of any newspaper you can think of! And finally, tell your friends and family! 

Q: Why did you choose May 11 as the date for your march? 

A: We originally planned for May 11 for we thought it would be a perfect time to capture press coverage on the Friday afternoon before the PPS School Board budget vote. We are not targeting the PPS board specifically because we DO NOT believe they are the root of school budget issues - we fully realize the problem has answers in Salem. However, with our united message we hope to get the PPS School Board and school boards all across the state UPSET. We invite school board directors to be UPSET as we do with all members of the community. Imagine if boards, starting with PPS on May 14 opted to not vote on an underfunded budget or to simply vote "no" because they too believe, "No More Cuts! No More Excuses!"

Q: From where do propose the money to adequately fund schools should come?

A: The how is not our focus. We each have our personal views about tax systems and public spending, but it is up to the legislature to determine how to fund public education. They are responsible for creating a budget for the state. Our purpose is to remind them that adequately funding public education is their responsibility and that we will not tolerate them balancing the budget at the expense of the children of the state.