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Mining Competition Robots

           Start: August 2013
           End: May 2015
(a) Transporter with packed wheels             (b) Wheels deployed                                      

Timbot 2
Start: June 2011
End: May 2012
This year's main focus will be on the sequel to Timbot 1. There are many goals for this device that build off the knowledge of last years successes and failures. More emphasis will be placed on the engineering design and analysis phases. This year we will have a senior project team directing the project. 

Timbot2 Initial Test

Our first test run Purple Reign in the sand volleyball court. Note that the rear panels for the electrical box and carbon fiber bucket are not yet installed.

Timbot 1
Start: September 2010
End: May 2011
The culmination of this project was the creation of our club's first robot! While the device is no looker, it proved to be a very effective learning tool for all those who contributed to it's completion. Aside from the construction of the device, a systems engineering paper was written detailing the process of creating the robot.