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Executive Summary [section I]


Submission of the US HUMAN RIGHTS NETWORK Task Force on the Effective Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

CERD Task Force-Joint UPR Submission-United States of America-November 2010

 Executive Summary

 The CERD Task force of the USHRN believes the United States should enact a federal program to reduce persistent racial disparities in key areas of social and economic life.  The federal program should have as its goal to fully implement the ICERD and should include key benchmarks for measuring success over time.

The United States record on persistent racial disparities is discouraging and remains a constant reminder of the legacy of racial apartheid and discriminatory practices held during the era of Jim Crow.  This report will outline the major areas in which there are major concerns with racial discrimination the United States.  In particular, the report will find instances where the government fails to implement the ICERD and other recommendations from UN bodies related to racial discrimination.  The facts that follow lend support for the recommendations presented here.


The following areas will be covered:

·      Institutional Mechanisms for the Implementation of ICERD

o      RUDS

o      Federal Coordination and Implementation

      • Failure to define racial discrimination in accordance with international law
      • Failure to collect and disseminate data by race for important federal programs

·      Inadequate response to the Concluding Observations of the ICERD Committee [this section will focus on areas covered in the CO's of the CERD committee]

  • Voting Rights
  • Housing

·      Persistent racial disparities in the following areas:

o      Poverty
o      Criminal Justice
o      Education
o      Health
o      Housing
o      Immigration
o      Employment
      • Community Development

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