How to get to upper weston via satnav

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If you are planning on coming to Upper Weston and are going to use a satnav, here are directions you can download to your point of interests for your particular model.

Download ASCII
Download Garmin
Download Google Earth
Download GPS eXchange
Download iGO8 Nav N Go
Download Mio Map
Download Navman
Download Nokia
Download TomTom
Download TomTom Itinerary

Or if your satnav allows to to navigate to your destination via latitude and longitude coordinates, input the following and this should bring you to the driveway.

Latitude: 52.3275754

Longitude: -3.1492252

Upper Weston
Instructions for downloading directions to your Sat Nav

1. Right click on Download for your Sat Nav model

2. Left click on "Save Link As..." and save the file somewhere on your computer such as the desktop.

3. Connect your Sat Nav to your computer

4. Move the file you downloaded to your maps folder on your Sat Nav do this by: -

1. Going to my computer and looking for your device

2. Double click on your device

3. Double click on the maps folder to open it, your maps folder would be called something like...E:\United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland

4. Move the downloaded file to the maps folder by either right clicking on the file and left clicking on cut or copy, going to the maps folder right click anywhere in the folder and left click paste, or you can drag and drop the file straight into the maps folder.

If you would like to see a step by step guide of this please click here

TomTom iPhone app

If you have an iPhone, you could download the TomTom app,, then you will need to download DiskAid, after you have these you can Copy the ov2 file to the active map folder on your iPhone using the DiskAid software.

Plan your journey to Upper Weston

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