11-02-12 News

Newton Upper Falls news, activities and events
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The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going on in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Upper Falls Trivia - What was a "Newton Champion"?

Wildlife Watch - On Tuesday, after the storm, local resident Margaret Alexander spotted a deer strolling down Rockland Terrace, near High St, at about 10:30 in the morning.  Once startled, the deer ran into a yard and headed up towards the Emerson Playground.  Margaret is relatively new to the neighborhood and was wondering whether deer are wandering around on the Falls' side streets regularly or was this deer just a bit rattled by the storm.  We've often seen deer in the woods down by Quinobequin Rd but never wandering the streets around here.  How about you?  Do you have deer hanging on your street corners?  Let us know.  Anil Adyanthaya sent along this photo of a deer right outside his house on Tamarac Road about a year ago.

Countryside's Outdoor Classroom Project - The Newton Tab ran an article this week about Countryside's Outdoor Classroom.  It's a plan that was hatched by 5th graders three years ago.  The plan was nearly derailed due to regulatory complexity, but the end is in sight.  Read all about it here.

Pretty Pictures - Historic Newton has an on-line exhibit of old postcards from all over Newton.  There's a whole collection from Upper Falls, including an endless series of  photos of Echo Bridge.  Take a look here.

What's That Sound? - Here's a bit more information about the church bells that have just recently begun ringing again.  Dave Slifka wrote " The church bells of Mary Immaculate were placed on silent after the rains from Hurricane Irene had flooded the bell tower last year. Subsequent repairs to support columns and the roof were recently completed and the bells switched on again just last week. The bells had been silent for a decade or more prior to the renovations to the church that have been ongoing over the last five years."

Halloween Institution - The latest Dispatch From Upper Falls tells of discovering an Upper Falls Halloween tradition that's been running for the past fifteen years.

Light up Upper Falls - BirthdayWishes.org is hoping to light up all of Upper Falls with your help on the night of Dec 2 - 3rd Annual Birthday Wish Luminary Night.  Luminaries are glowing lanterns made from paper bags.  Order luminaries here to help support BirthdayWishes.org and light up your front yard on Luminary Night.   Spread the word to your neighbors and friends to join in the fun. Help out this wonderful local organization that provides birthday parties for homeless children.

Upper Falls History Celebrated - Historic Newton will be awarding a Newton Preservation Award on Nov 27 to Jerry Reilly (editor of Upper Falls News) for publishing Ken Newcomb's "Makers of the Mold - a History of Newton Upper Falls".   The book was published last year and is available for sale on-line, as well at Ye' Old Clip Joint, New England Mobile Book Fair, and the Jackson Homestead Gift Shop..  All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Friends of Hemlock Gorge, an organization that Ken Newcomb helped found.  The book sales have raised thousands of dollars so far for the organization.

Vote! - In case you haven’t heard, there is an election on Tuesday!  The Upper Falls polling place is the Emerson Community Center located on Pettee Street.  The polls will be open from 7am until 8pm.

Did you know ... ? The planet Saturn would float in water!.  "Did you know ...?" - features an interesting and random fact every issue, collected by nine year old Upper Falls resident Jayla Reilly

Send Us Your News - If you have any upcoming events, activities, news, trivia, stories, anecdotes or jokes related to Upper Falls just send them to news@UpperFallsNews.org and we'll include them in the next newsletter.  For those who prefer living in the past, back issues of the Upper Falls News are archived at UpperFallsNews.org.

Trivia Answer - A "Newton Champion" was an improved high wheel bicycle manufactured on High St in Upper Falls in the late 1800's.  Here's a news item from February 28, 1880
"R.H Hodgson, at his shop on High St, has on hand more orders for his famous bicycle, the 'Newton Champion', than he can possibly fill at present, and hardly a mail arrives without bringing in its contents an order for one of these 'big wheels'."
excerpted from Ken Newcomb's "Makers of the Mold - a History of Newton Upper Falls"

Help! - After 25 or so issues of The Upper Falls News, the editorial staff is beginning to run out of Upper Falls trivia.  Please send us any neighborhood trivia you have and we'll include them in future issues.

More Help! - one aspect of Upper Falls news that we have never covered is sports.  We welcome any readers who are involved with local sports, their own or their kids, to send us your Upper Falls sporting news.