07-05-12 Page

The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Upper Falls Trivia - What was the most happening place in Upper Falls in 1893?

Greenway Milestone Approaching - The plan to build the Upper Falls Greenway, a new mile long park/walking trail/bike trail, will reach an important milestone next week.  The MBTA's Board of Directors will vote at their July 11 meeting to proceed with the lease of the railroad property to the City of Newton.  After the vote. it's expected that the signing of the lease should happen relatively quickly.  Once the city has the lease in hand, the planning for the new park can kick into high gear.

New Windows for Old Building - The long boarded up windows on the historic "Stone Barn" building in Hemlock Gorge will soon be replaced thanks to the Friends of Hemlock Gorge working with DCR.

Congressional Convergence on Upper Falls - Congressional candidate Sean Bielat recently announced that he'll be opening a campaign headquarters in Upper Falls at the Echo Bridge Office Park.  Meanwhile, Joe Kennedy, Bielat's opponent in the race, also has his headquarters just down the street in Upper Falls at the end of Chestnut St.  For some inexplicable reason, Upper Falls seems to have become the nexus of this year's race for the US 4th Congressional District.  Mr Bielat will be throwing a house warming party at his new campaign headquarters on Tuesday., July 10 from 6 to 8 PM.

Least Known Park in Upper Falls - Upper Falls has a hidden beauty of a park.  The most recent "Dispatch From Upper Falls" in the Newton Patch has a plan for connecting it to some of our other parks.

Recreation and Open Space Plan - If you like the idea of connecting the Upper Falls riverfront together (see above), or if you have other ideas about the city's management of its public parks and lands, then come to the public meeting on Monday, July 9, 2012 at the Druker Auditorium, Newton Free Library.  The city's Planning and Development Board will present the draft of its Recreation and Open Space Plan.

Our Better Known Park - The Sunday Boston Globe magazine recently ran a short article about Echo Bridge.  The on-line version includes a recording of the echo too.

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! -  If you're the sort of person who likes to know when a bear has been spotted lumbering down your street or when any other sort of mayhem and madness is unfolding around you,  the city has all sorts of free ways to keep in touch with emergency alerts.  Sign up for the reverse 911 system and you'll get a call on your phone with a recorded message from the city when an emergency hits.  You can also sign up for the Newton Police's "Nixle" system and Newton's finest will send a text message to your phone or an email when things get crazy.  Those two system's are reserved for relatively serious emergencies and only send out messages occasionally as needed.  For those of you who can't get enough of this stuff, the Newton Tab streams the fire and police scanners of Newton and surrounding towns on their web site.  Just leave the scanner running 24 hours a day on your computer and you might be the first to know when your neighbor's cat gets caught in a tree

Upper Falls Village Day - The  Upper Falls Area Council is organizing a Village Day for Upper Falls in September.  They could use all the help, ideas, and volunteers they can get.  If you'd like to help out in any way with our upcoming neighborhood party, contact Anil Adyanthaya and let him know.
Lazy Days of Summer - The Upper Falls News has switched over to our very summer lazy schedule and will only be publishing new issues occassionaly and sporadically through the summer months.  Meanwhile the Upper Falls Area Council seems to have been infected by the same spirit.  The council will not be meeting in July.  We hope the same spirit spreads to all of you too - take a day off, go to the beach, unplug the computer, put your feet up and enjoy the summer!

Send Us Your News - If you have any upcoming events, activities, news, trivia, stories, anecdotes or jokes related to Upper Falls just send them to info@UpperFallsNews.org and we'll include them in the next newsletter.  For those who prefer living in the past, back issues of the Upper Falls News are archived at UpperFallsNews.org.

Trivia Answer - Starting in 1893, there was a party going on in Upper Falls for a few years.  Echo Bridge Park became a major destination.  A large gothic style dance pavillion was built surrounded by long rows of seats extending down the slope, with seating for 2500 people.  The park had all sorts of other amenities too - a merry-go-round, swings, lavatories, and the entire Echo Bridge was illuminated with red, white, and blue large glass globes.  The park lasted only a few short years.  Only two years later, in 1895, the Metropolitan Parks Commission bought the park and hired famed park designer Fredrick Law Olmsted to redesign it into the more sedate style park we have today.   All of this was cribbed from Ken Newcomb's - Makers of the Mold - A History of Newton Upper Falls.