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Newton Upper Falls news, activities and events
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The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going on in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Where's My Upper Falls News? - The Upper Falls News mostly goes to sleep for the months of July and August and will resume with regular issues in September.  In the meantime, here's a mini-News, minus our normal "Where am I?" feature.

Party in the Park - The Friends of Hemlock Gorge's annual Hemlock Gorge summer party will be held this coming Tuesday, Aug 6,  6PM - dusk.  Bring a picnic dinner or something to throw on the grill (provided) and kick back to listen to the music of Broken Rose.   Between the spring time egg breakfast under Echo Bridge, the recent Feast of the Falls, the picnic lunches at the twice a year park cleanups and the annual summer picnic, Hemlock Gorge has slowly becoming one of favorite dining spots in the neighborhood. 

Buddies on Bikes - Dunn Gaherin's restaurant is launching an amazing new service for the people of Upper Falls.  Anyone in the neighborhood who's an invalid, a shut-in or otherwise could use a helping hand can call Dunn Gaherin's and get a free meal delivered and have errands run via Dunn Gaherin's new delivery bicycle.   They hope to expand the service in coming months and recruit neighborhood folks to help with the "Buddies on Bikes" deliveries.

Tour de Newton - The first annual Tour de Newton is scheduled for October 6.  The Tour will be a 26 mile bicycle ride that will pass through each of the 13 villages of Newton.  It's being held as part of the Newton Walk Bike Week festivities.  We're looking for two Upper Falls folks to volunteer as the village greeters.  The Tour will start simultaneously in all 13 villages.  Over the course of  the ride, at regular intervals, each of the13 separate groups of riders will arrive in Upper Falls.  The greeters job is to meet the riders, hand them an Upper Falls badge and maybe a drink, tell them what's where in Upper Falls and answer any questions for them.  Drop me an email if you'd consider taking on that job for a few hours on Oct 6.

Village Day Needs You - Upper Falls Village Day will be Sunday, September 29 at the Emerson Playground. Proceeds will go toward the renovation of the Emerson Playground. Please contact upperfalls@newton.gov if you would like to help, have ideas, or know any vendors/artists who would like to participate.

Republican of the Year -  Jan Huffman of Indiana Terrace was recently named the 2013 Newton Republican of the Year by the Newton Republican City Committee. In addition to various volunteer efforts throughout the year, Jan served as office manager for congressional candidate Sean Bielat's Newton office and played an important role in establishing Newton's September 11 memorial.  Aside from his political and citywide efforts, Jan's known around these parts for pitching in behind the scenes with help for nearly every Upper Falls activity or event in recent memory.  Aside from all that, he's no doubt best known on Indiana Terrace as Mr. Cotton Candy.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Anna Bulkin snapped this fabulous photo of a rainbow over Upper Falls last month.

Upper Falls Daredevils - A recent "Did you Know" in the Upper Falls News showed a photo of the Sudbury Aqueduct looking from the corner of High St.  That sparked this memory from reader Dave Downs - "I remember riding down the side of the aqueduct hill on our bikes. It was great fun and quite a thrill (and dangerous!).  My friends and I from High Street (we were probably around 8 or 9 years old) would take our bikes down to the area at the end of High Street where it meets the Rte. 9 ramp. We'd ride out on the top of the path along the aqueduct and then coast down the sharp hill to the bottom. The sides were covered with grass all the way to the bottom on the hill at that time (1950s). It looks like trees may have grown in on the sides now. It was great fun at that age. In those days we had the balloon type tires. I don't remember that any of us were ever hurt participating in that activity."

Did You Know ... that Frank Baum, who wrote the "Wizard of Oz", claimed that he made up the name "Oz" when he looked at his filing cabinet and saw A-N and O-Z ?   "Did you know ..." features an interesting and random fact every issue, collected by ten-year-old Upper Falls resident Jayla Reilly.

Send Us Your News - If you have any upcoming events, activities, news, trivia, stories, anecdotes or jokes related to Upper Falls just send them to news@UpperFallsNews.org and we'll include them in the next newsletter.  For those who prefer living in the past, back issues of the Upper Falls News are archived at UpperFallsNews.org.

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