04-27-15 News

Newton Upper Falls news, activities and events
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The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going on in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Upper Falls Trivia - What's the best place to tie up your horse in Upper Falls?  (answer below).

Spring Cleaning - It was a good weekend for spring cleaning.  On Saturday morning a crew gathered at Hemlock Gorge for the twice a year cleanup of the park.   On Sunday morning a crew gathered at The Depot to clean up the Upper Falls Greenway.  Both crews hauled out plenty of bags trash and both parks are looking a lot better today.  Thanks to the organizers (Friends of Hemlock Gorge, and Jim Lerner) and the volunteers for sprucing up our neighborhood parks

Is that in the house? - People all over the neighborhood were woken from their slumbers in the wee hours of Wednesday morning with a very loud banging noise.  In our house, the first groggy thought was that it was somewhere in the house.  It turned out that it was coming from outside and we had no idea what it was.   The mysterious banging went on for hours.  The next day we learned that it was work being done on the Add-A-Lane project, the massive project that has been widening the highway from Stoughton to Route 9 over the last few years.  The banging was pile driving for a new bridge down at the Highland Ave exit.  The word we heard is that this will be happening a few nights a month for the next couple of months.

Construction Report - The neighborhood is filled end to end with construction these days.  Just outside our back door, the year long project to gut and rehab the two run down buildings at 80 High St is nearly done ... but not before accidentally knocking down our back fence.  There's probably no more interesting project going on in the whole neighborhood though than Chris Murphy and Mary Durrs project at the bend in High Street, to add two parking spots.  This project rivals the Hoover Dam in complexity and amount of concrete poured since they'd building the spots on the side of a cliff.

When the Murphy-Durr Dam is eventually completed I think they'll need a well deserved celebration.   A brand new parking area for a few cars sure sounds to me like it would make for a perfect stage for a neighborhood party .... I'm just saying.

News Ahead - There's not much local news to report at the moment but there's plenty of things in the works for the next two months.  Here are a few highlights.

* May 15 - June10 - Newton Nomadic Theater presents ... Upper Falls much acclaimed Newton Nomadic Theater is presenting it's next production The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh at locations all around Newton. Beauty Queen of Leenane is a black comedy from one of Ireland's leading playwrights and will feature Upper Falls own Linda Goetz in one of the leading roles.  As usual, the play will tour around the city to many different venues and then return home to Upper Falls for the closing performance on Sunday June 10 at Dunn Gaherins.  The schedule is still not finalized but tickets ($20) for most show are already available here.

* May 22 - Nomad Story Slam - Our Upper Falls theater will also be hosting it's 4th Nomad Story Slam at 7:30 on Friday May 22 at Gregorian Rugs.  These nights of community storytelling have been fabulous.  Anyone can put their name in the hat to tell a story - 5 minutes long, true, and connected to the night's theme "A long way from home".  In the first three Story Slams, Upper Falls has been particularly well represented by some great storytellers.  Consider telling a story yourself or just come to hear the stories.  Get your tickets ($10) here.

????? The Eggcelent Breakfast - For the past two years, one Sunday morning, we fire up the fireplace in Hemlock Gorge and start cooking local Upper Falls eggs, courtesy of our chicken-raising friends up in Upper Upper Falls (Julie Irish & Dean Whitney).  Everybody just shows up with something for the breakfast table and an instant breakfast feast materializes for 50 or so people.  We'll no doubt do it again this year but we always watch the weather reports and schedule it at the last minute.  Don't worry, if you're a subscriber to the Upper Falls News you'll get the word.  Most likely it will be a Sunday at the end of May or early June.

* June 21 - Tour de Newton - The third annual Tour de Newton will be held on Sunday June 21 (Fathers Day).  The 20 mile, 13 village leisurely bicycle ride around Newton is bigger and better this year.  They'll be more riders and two new features - the Petite Tour will be a 5 mile, 3 village mini tour for less experienced riders.  The Contra Tour will be a ride along the normal 20 mile route, but in the opposite direction for riders that want to ride at a faster speed.  What makes the Tour de Newton special is the stops in all 13 villages.  We're recruiting Village Greeters for Upper Falls.  If you might be interested in a fun and festive gig on the morning of June 21, we could use your help as Village Greeters to welcome the hundred and hundreds of riders as they get to Upper Falls.  Send an email if you're willing to help.  If you'd like to ride in the Tour de Newton, the Petite Tour or the Contra Tour - sign up today before it fills up.

* June 28 - Feast of The Falls - Planning has already begun for the Feast of the Falls 2015.  The fabulous, free, annual neighborhood feast in Hemlock Gorge will be held on Sunday June 28.  This year, we'll add 50 more feet to the table and add 50 more guests - for a total of 350 people.   Tickets won't be distributed until the beginning of June.  We hope to do an even better outreach to get the word out to everyone this year so send an email if you'd be willing to help flyer houses in the neighborhood at the end of next month.

Better Off In Church - On Easter morning, lots of folks go to church.  One citizen, who probably skipped Easter services three weeks ago, was the guy who broke into The Depot at 4 AM on Easter morning.  He jimmied the door with a crowbar and broke his way in.  Fortunately, Henry is careful about not keeping valuable on the premises.  As the alarm went off, the thief grabbed a Mountain Dew, spotted the open empty register, made a quick pass at the office and left with just his caffeine packed beverage.  The guy was medium height, medium weight, wearing blue jeans and white sneakers.  Yes, that could describe me and no, I was home asleep that night  - I swear.  Unfortunately the perpetrator was wearing a hood that obscured his whole head so he's unlikely to be ID'ed.

That's one nervy burglar to break in to such a well lit, high visibility corner with a crow bar.  We're glad to hear that the only losses for Henry and Kim were the Mountain Dew and the new front door.

Who is Our Special High School Junior? - The Upper Falls Area Council will be bestowing the First Annual Ken Newcomb Upper Falls Book Award in June to a high school junior who best combines contributions to the Newton Upper Falls community, good character, and good academic performance.  Nominations should include a short essay explaining why the candidate is deserving of the award.  Nominations can be sent to any member of the Area Council.  Deadine is May 15
The winner will be recognized at a ceremony in June and be given a $50 gift certificate to New England Mobile Book Fair and a copy of The Makers of the Mold, Ken Newcomb’s history of Newton Upper Falls.

Did You Know ... that seahorses are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young?  (and when it's time to give birth, those males don't waste any time - take a look  Did You know ..." features an interesting and random fact every issue, collected by 7th grade Upper Falls resident Ian Wittler

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Upper Falls Trivia Answer - If you need to securely tie up your horse here in the Falls, we recommend using the the new granite hitching posts (photo below) that have just been installed on the sidewalk outside the stone barn on Oak St.  They do look good and and they fit in very nicely with the historic building.  So far though, the local cowboys must be tying up their horses elsewhere.  Who knew that the Newton DPW had hitching posts in their bag of sidewalk improvement tricks?