04-04-15 News-Addendum

Newton Upper Falls news, activities and events
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Omissions, Corrections and Foolishness - We were in a rush to get out an issue of the Upper Falls News out yesterday evening to spread the word about this morning's Sunrise Service on Echo Bridge.  In our haste we short circuited our normal painstaking and rigorous fact checking and editorial review process.  The results of our careless and slapdash efforts clearly show.

This special addendum issue of the Upper Falls News is to make corrections to yesterday's edition.

*** Correction ***
Right Bridge, Wrong Year - The story about the Elliot Street bridge was correct in all details except the year.  The bridge won't be closing until July 2016.

*** Omission ***
Fiddlers at the Falls - Violinist Mari Black and guitarist Joseph Carmichael will be bringing a spirited tour of fiddle music from around the world to Carriage House Violin's intimate recital hall in Upper Falls on Thurs April 16, 8 PM -- brilliant Scottish dance sets, classic swing tunes, rolling Irish jigs, luscious Argentine tangos, beloved American folk songs, haunting highland airs, and more!  Get your tickets here while they last.  I got mine yesterday.

*** Correction ***
They Always Meet On Thursday - The next meeting of the Upper Falls Area Council will be on Thursday April 16 (not Wed the 15th) at the Emerson Community Center.  Says councilor Mark Bridger - "EVERYONE would like to see the Upper Falls Greenway completed! The Upper Falls Area Council has been discussing this issue for some time. If you have suggestions, please come to our meeting on April 16".

*** Foolishness ***
Please Let Us Pay - The Newton Onion reported on April 1 that our neighbors in Waban have had a recent change of heart.

*** Omission ***
Most important of all, everyone's favorite Upper Falls News feature was accidentally omitted from yesterday's edition.
Did You Know ... that a narwhal's "tusk" is actually a toothDid You know ..." features an interesting and random fact every issue, collected by 7th grade Upper Falls resident Ian Wittler.

My Sincere Apology - As the Editor In Chief of the Upper Falls New, the buck stops on my desk.  I want to reassure the Upper Falls News readership that I take full and complete responsibility for yesterday's shockingly error filled edition.  This morning, in an early morning phone call, I summarily fired our unpaid intern, who didn't stop me from sending out yesterday's un-proofread edition.