03-10-14 News

The Upper Falls News is an email newsletter about what's going on in our village.  The Upper Falls News is brought to you by the Upper Falls Area Council but it's intended to cover any and all news in the village. 

Where Am I? - Where in Upper Falls was this photo taken from?

Award Winning Upper Falls Actress? - Linda Goetz from Thurston Road has been nominated for the IRNE Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth in the F.U.D.G.E Theater Company production at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown.  The IRNE awards are bestowed by the Independent Reviewers of New England and the winners will be chose on April 7.   Linda is currently working on plans to launch the Newton Nomadic Theatre which will have its home here in Upper Falls.  If you'd have any interest in helping bring theater to Upper Falls, let her know.

Wacky World of Upper Falls Plumbing - Here's a story about one of the oddest plumbing details in Upper Falls, right here at the home of the Upper Falls News.

Elementary School Plans - On Tuesday, March 11 at 6:30 there will be an Open Meeting at the Zervas School to review the preliminary plans to renovate/expand Zervas from 320 to 490 students.  This is particularly significant for Upper Falls residents because our village lies at the border of the Countryside, Angier, and Zervas school districts.  A number of people in recent years have been advocating for building an additional school in Upper Falls rather than increasing the size of Zervas.  Here's a discussion of many of the issues and tradeoffs between the two approaches.  At this point it appears that the School Committee has decided on going ahead with the Zervas expansion, and Tuesday's meeting will lay out many of the details.

Realtors are Circling - We've received two "cold calls" from realtors in the last week, wondering if we might want to sell our house.  We told them "no, we're quite happy here thank you"

Upper Falls Video Hodgepodge - There's a half hour program on NewTV's web site called "The Newton Enthusiast".  It seems to be the first installment of what's intended to be a series.  This installment is about Upper Falls.   It opens with lots of shots of the Upper Falls radio tours with a VERY dramatic and menacing musical soundtrack, there's a section with an arborist in Hemlock Gorge, there's a section about the Sudbury Aqueduct though much of it is filmed in other towns; and there's some about the Elliot T stop, which isn't in Upper Falls.  The best part has to be a tour of Brass Buff Antiques on Chestnut St with Mel Rosenburg as your guide.

High Schoolers Restoring Our Heritage - Just before winter set in, a crew of volunteers convened on the Upper Falls Greenway site to haul out four old railroad switches that look like this.  The switches have spent the winter in storage but this past week, the first two of them were transported to Newton North High School.  Over the coming months, a team of students from both NNHS and NSHS, working with teacher Paul Wagner, will be restoring, salvaging and refurbishing the switches.  When they're done we'll have two beautifully restored railroad switches that will be replanted on the Upper Falls Greenway to remind us all of the railroad line that was an important part of the village's history.

March is Upper Falls Month - Historic Newton's will be celebrating and exploring Upper Falls in March as part of its "City of Villages" series.  All this month, there is a display case of historic Upper Falls'obilia in the Newton Library, just outside the Research section.  On March 20 there will be a free lecture on "Workers’ Housing and Mill Buildings: Redevelopment in Upper Falls" at the library. So at least until April comes around, get down with your Upper Falls history, starting with this ...

Bob's Sub & Study - The free SAT/PSAT math tutoring sessions continue at Bob's Sub Stop on Elliot St.  If you plan on taking the SAT or PSAT this year then come by from Saturday 9 - 10:30 AM or Tuesday 4 - 5:30PM for free tutoring courtesy of Bob's Sub Stop.  For more information contact Ben Lee

Film Critics - After including a link to Chris Murphy's video in the last issue of the Upper Falls News we received a few emails from concerned readers.  In response, a spokesman for Murphy Film Productions released the following statement - "No windshield wipers were harmed in the making of this movie.  As a responsible member of the community, Mr Murphy would never encourage or promote vandalism ... except in your imagination.  To those viewers who failed to see the humor in the film, we're confident that the next scheduled Murphy Films release, 'Silencing Your Neighbor's Car Alarm' is sure to hit your funny bone."    And speaking of reader feedback ....

From The International Mail Bag - The majority of Upper Falls News readers live right here in the village.  Like the New York Times though, we also have readers spread around the globe.

Bob Jackson from Manchester England writes -  "A bumper edition this week. Most entertaining and informative, mixing a frightening, violent local story with an appearance of the editor on Newton telly encouraging us to buy The Kings Handbook. Being far away, I had a cheeky read online, or rather, had a look at pictures of some very fine buildings. I am sorry to hear about the demolition of one of these. I loved the blinking sharks (Thank you Jayla Reilly!), have made a written list of all the villages of Newton to learn by heart in case it comes up in a pub quiz, or around a camp fire for a bet, and have revised my knowledge of the autochtonously named Quinobequin river."

Ted Baker in Honolulu Hawaii writes - "I'm glad to be receiving Upper Falls News regularly again.  For awhile there, delivery was a little spotty and I was thinking about asking for my money back.  Oh, wait . . . .
PS:  Tell Jayla Reilly to keep up the good work.  I learn a lot from her".

We're not certain why Mr. Baker's UF News deliveries have been intermittent.  Our subscription dept. expects there are a few back issues floating around somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Did You Know .. that loannis Ikonomou, the chief translator for the European Parliament, speaks 32 languages fluently,   "Did you know ..." features an interesting and random fact every issue, collected by eleven-year-old Upper Falls resident Jayla Reilly.

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'Where Am I?'  Answer - The photo was taken from the tower of the Mary Immaculate Church (Elliot & Oak St) looking down Oak St.  Thanks to Danny Lagan for posting it on the Newton Upper Falls Facebook page.  (Not to be confused with the Upper Falls Area Council Facebook page)