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Upper Beaconsfield Men’s Shed                                   

 Vision, Mission, Values                                                                   


  • to engage men of all ages in the Upper Beaconsfield and surrounding Community
  • to provide an inclusive setting for men to enjoy each other’s company
  • to recognize and  share the skills of the men in the community
  • to address issues of the health and wellbeing of the men of the community
  • to be a valuable community facility


 to provide a venue for men to meet on a regular basis in a welcoming and friendly environment

  • to provide a venue and facilities for members to share and develop their skills
  • to draw on the expertise of members to support community projects
  • to respond to the needs of men in the community in developing programs for health and well-being
  • to explore ways of generating sufficient income to be self-reliant
  • to foster links with other groups in the community
  • to provide facilities for men to pursue their interests and projects



·       hospitality

·       honesty and integrity

·       respect

·       responsiveness to the needs of men, their families and community

·       safety

·       care for the environment 


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