2015 marks the 40th founding anniversary of the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions. UP-NTTCHP was established by the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines on January 30, 1975 in answer to the need to enhance the instructional skills of the teachers in the health professions. From its founding until today, the UP-NTTCHP has served as an excellent  learning resource center in health professions education not only for the Philippines but also for the Western Pacific Region. 

The UP NTTCHP thanks all the participants who joined in its celebration of its ruby anniversary by joining  the  8th National Conference! The conference highlighted Outcome-Based Education (OBE) and the application of OBE in the development of educational objectives, teaching-learning strategies and assessment.

I extend warm greetings and  congratulations to the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions on your 40th founding  anniversary  being
celebrated through this national conference.
   The theme “Ensuring Quality of Outcome-based Education in the Health Sciences,” signifies the urgency of preparing for this approach to educating health professionals. This is in view of the upcoming ASEAN Integration and the readiness to meet qualification and quality assurance standards in the country and the ASEAN region that are predominantly outcome-based. The university’s ability to comply hinges greatly on our willingness and ability to realign our programs to an outcome-based approach.
     Recent years have seen the shift to OBE as one of the most important trends in health professions education to optimize the preparation of health professionals. It has been noted that improvements in global health can only be realized through the development of a workforce that has been educated to promote health and to care for those with infirmities.
   Hence, this conference is very much anticipated. I commend the NTTCHP for this opportunity to discuss and understand the relevance and applicability of outcome-based learning in our setting. The participants’ deep commitment and active involvement in fulfilling the goals of this conference will help greatly in ensuring a smooth transition to OBE in health.


"Outcome-based education is about preparing students for life, not simply getting them ready for college or employment."

"...competency is a much larger construct that integrates and applies a lot of related skills, similar in fact to what are called transformational outcomes. Today, outcome-based educators are talking about complex roles performance in real situations with real demands."

- A Conversation with Bill Spady by Ron Brandt

8th NATCON 29-30 January 2015 Hotel Jen, Manila