Undergraduate Programs
The College offers three undergraduate academic programs.  These are the B.S. in Occupational Therapy, B.S. in Physical Therapy and B.S. in Speech Pathology.  The B.S.O.T. and the B.S.S.P. are both four-year programs while the B.S.P.T. follows a five-year curriculum (see program details). The students who finish B.S.O.T. and B.S.P.T need to take the professional licensure examinations for them to practice their disciplines.  Graduates of the B.S.O.T., B.S.P.T. and B.S.S.P. take on roles as clinicians, academicians, researchers and consultants. Graduates of these programs gain professional employment in hospitals, academic institutions and private clinics.

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Graduate Program
The College is currently running four graduate programs.  Directly under CAMP are the Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRS), Master of Rehabilitation Science – Speech Pathology (MRS-SP) and the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT).  The Master of Clinical Audiology (MClinAud) is being run in collaboration with the College of Medicine.

The MRS and the MRS-SP caters to students who have completed undergraduate programs for occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech pathology.  The occupational and physical therapists need to be licensed to take the MRS.  Professionals who decide to take on these programs will be able to demonstrate a mastery in the rehabilitation sciences in their work settings.

The Master of Physical Therapy is a graduate program that caters to licensed physical therapists that aspire to advance their competencies as practicing clinicians and to develop a specialized area of practice.

The MClinAud program caters to professional who work with the prevention and management of patients with hearing impairments.  This program can benefit doctors, therapists, teachers and audiologists.

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