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With over 100000 members and growing , Uplift Mutuals has pioneered how  communities can share their health/life risks ( and not transfer them) when inbuilt as a system and with technical guidance and support.Facilitated by a strong technical support team and an effective distribution model,Uplift presents a unique value chain where communities-development organisations-technical support team-health care providers and other stakeholders come together to demonstrate an ecosystem that runs on trust and mutuality.

Community Deciding on Claims

Solidarity-Responsibility-Democratic Governance are the values that the Mutuals espouse and are made of.

Uplift is a Mutual model accelerator that provides end to end technical support in setting up and managing Community Led Social Protection Models.

The Uplift Model has the following characteristics and seeks similar ones with those that it partners 
  • Risk Pooling rather than Risk transfer (even for reinsurance)
  • Community validated owned and democratically represented
  • Inclusive risk pooling- the sick and the healthy, the young and the old altogether
  • Responsive to community needs and their feedback
  • Technically sound and enterprise driven
  • Effective Risk Management at multiple levels

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Founded,housed and supported by SWABHIMAAN the Uplift Mutuals Model is  owned by the communities and established to create and manage people led social security systems.                                                              
Uplift Mutuals today have a membership of over 100,000 people who live in urban slums and rural villages across Maharashtra and share their health risks and services. 


Kumar Shailabh,
Jan 17, 2011, 11:11 PM