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         Balloons Are Fun For All Ages


Nothing quite signifies fun quite like balloons.  It can be hard for most of us to think of a party without them.

Now consider the impact balloons have on people when they witness the transformation of  otherwise ordinary balloons into fun and amusing characters, hats and toys! The experience leaves a lasting memory that remains long after the event and long past the life of the balloon. 

Jasbo can add a lot more color, fun and excitement to your event with his unique brand of balloon entertainment


- Large Festivals                    -Trade Shows

- Corporate Events                - Holiday Celebrations  

- Company Picnics                 - Banquets

- Business Promotions         - Fundraisers

- Birthday Parties                  - Wedding Receptions

- Private Parties Of Any Kind

Well over 200 Fun, Innovative and Entertaining designs

Cute Fuzzy Animals

Ferocious Dinosaurs

Awesome Hats  

              Crazy Cartoon Characters              

                                                                     Holiday Balloons                                                                   

                                                                    Balloon Games and Toys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                 Interview with Greg Moody on Channel 4 in Denver

                          New West Fest Kids Zone Around 2002

Performing with The Handsome Little Devils In Vail 2001

Group Lessons Are Forming!

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Sept 8th Balloon Class INFO / CLICK HERE

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           Everyone Young And Old(er) Is Learning How To Make A
Balloon Dog In The Video Below

Balloon Teaching For Large Groups Demo


Happy Students From A Workshop In Feb of 2014

Teaching Balloon Twisting On The Streets Of Ft Collins During The Summer of 2013