Transects of Upham

A group of young scientists from Omaha Public Schools in Nebraska visited Upham Woods for a "Wisconsin Science Immersion" experience February 17-19,2017. 
While here, they participated in exploring with DOTS tools using the transect and quadrant methods. Check back as they upload their observations, hypotheses, and results of experiments.

Students spent the weekend investigating self-generated hypotheses in a group or individually. The following list is just a snapshot of the various projects and research questions. 
                      • Estimating the age of a tree using height and investigating how the tree age and height affect the amount of lichen present.
                      • Investigating the biodiversity of ground plants on a transect line from the river edge to upland forest edge.
                      • Observe the differences in micro-climates surrounding a sandstone outcropping.
                      • What is the rate of ice melt, depending on the type of ice?
                      • How does the depth of snow affect the micro-climate?
                      • Relating the presence of insects and sap on living vs. dead trees

Check out this YouTube video highlighting the student's own stories about the experience: 

Wisconsin Science Immersion Experience

Check out this "Snapshot" of the student's own presentations

Omaha Presentations Synopsis‎

Awesome Table (with interactive controls, using Google Sheets)

Student generated data

DOTS Experts' Observations


Thunder Monarchs' Initial Observations

Data'ers Microclimate Observations