A Brief History 

The Penn Ryukyu Kempo club was founded by Charles Terry when he was an undergraduate here at Penn in 1986. Chas has long since graduated, completed Med school, and started a commercial dojo. The current club curriculum integrates traditional Okinawan karate (Ryukyu Kempo) with Filipino stick fighting (Modern Arnis) and Chinese boxing (Wei Kuen Do)--the proverbial 'Quaker Blend.'

Ryukyu Kempo (Grandmaster George Dillman) is a traditional Okinawan fighting system based on the "strike-to-grapple, grapple-to-strike" ideology. From this art, the club takes striking and joint-manipulation techniques, pressure-point theory, and traditional Okinawan kata (Naihanchi, Seisan, Wanshu, Passai, Kusanku, Chinto, Seiunchin, Sanchin). Instructors emphasize the importance the bunkai (breakdown) of kata play in being the basis of self-defense techniques.

Modern Arnis (Professor Remy Presas) is the source of a variety of fighting-shells, trapping techniques, and weapons training that the club practices. The instructors have found this teaching paradigm to be one of the most effective in helping students rapidly develop strong fighting fundamentals. Since the passing of Professor Presas in 2001, the club has worked closely with Master Jeff Delaney and Datu Tim Hartman.

Wei Kuen Do (Grandmaster Leo Fong) is an art closer to Western boxing than most forms of karate. The club takes basic footwork patterns, body mechanics, and proper punching technique from this art. In addition to the physical techniques, Grandmaster Fong focuses on developing mental and emotional strength in order to deal with any confrontation.