Dave Friedman graduated from Penn Engineering with a B.S. in '99 and an M.S. in '00, and in '05 he earned the title of expungenator for his incredible prowess in expungenating the countryside. His emphasis is on integrating the Modern Arnis training paradigm into Kempo training. Dave continually stresses the role of sound body mechanics in effective self defense. Dave strives to walk like a caveman and finish everything with a neck break. He sees time as a volume and urges everyone to relax, 'cause the punch will never hit you 'cause Achilles will never catch the tortoise. Dave is currently a Sandan in Ryukyu Kempo and holds instructor credentials under Grandmaster George Dillman.


Jason "Chicken-Legged Warrior" Watts aka The PB&J Kid earned his B.A. from Penn in 2000 and is now continuing his life-long committment to being a student by pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. at Penn. A Nidan in Ryukyu Kempo, Jason has the largest working knowledge of B-rate martial arts films in the Western hemisphere.  When not imparting words of wisdom to make a particular martial technique work, Jason can be found teaching the ancient art of making PB&J that doesn't get soggy. 


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