Freelance Projects

The following projects were carefully chosen to optimally communicate what I did in the past. This page will allow you collect further information on my freelance project portfolio. Feel free to ask me further details on any project of your interest.

WordPress Themes

I create WordPress Templates according to your requirements. Specify me which element you need to incorporate from each of your favorite websites. If you need an element modified and included in your theme, let me know.

Project Theme Child Theme Creation from Classipress Child Theme

A child theme for 'Project Theme' by '' had to be created to match the appearance of a child theme of the 'Classipress' theme. In other words a WordPress child-theme had to be created to match the appearance to another child-theme.

Coming Soon Website

HTML Template was converted to a WordPress theme. Mailchimp signup forms were embedded to the theme; upon sign up visitor was not taken away from the site. Social media integration (Facebook and Twitter) was done too.

WordPress Plugins

Do you need a custom functionality to add to your WordPress site and remain the functionality even after theme changes. Let me know what needs to be done. May be your requirements may already have implemented as plugin. I can modify it further to match your requirements.

Prevent Multiple Logins

This WordPress plugin provides means to prevent multiple login attempts to the same user account. The following site contains useful information about this project | Prevent Multiple Logins

Membership Plugin Integration for Project Theme

WordPress Membership Plugin needs to be modified in order to charge recurrent fees for project bidders on a Project Bidding site. Project bidding site was built using a ProjectTheme child theme.

WordPress Simple Social Sharing Widget

WordPress Simple Social Sharing Plugin adds a 'Simple Social Sharing Widget' to your theme. After activating the plugin go to the Widget section of your dashboard and drag and drop the widget to your desired sidebar location.

WordPress Template Modification

Sometimes you find it hard to modify your premium template. Or you lose all the modifications once you upload the theme. Yes you can preserve changes by applying them via a child theme. Now you find it difficult to create a child theme for the complex parent theme. If you don't know how to do this using templates and calling functions from the parent theme library, let me do that for you.

Custom Post Lists for Akita Child Theme using Shortcodes

The employer, mrbrant, needed to develop a component which will allow the theme to include a list of titles of custom posts for a given letter in the alphabet. Symptoms were the custom posts and an alphabetical list of symptoms were needed to be listed on a particular page. This functionality was implemented using WordPress short-codes API.

Custom Slideshows

There are already a lot of plugins to provide a range of custom slideshow solutions. But if you have a fresh idea and don't know how to code, I can help you. Even an existing plugin customization for SEO reasons.

SEO Optimized Next-Gen Image Gallery

This project was to implement an image gallery simillar to the used in ''. In his own words , "I need an image gallery for WordPress very similar to mashable image gallery". He explained it further, "My objective is to maximize the number of page view using a dynamic and simple image gallery".

Mailchimp Templates

I have designed a number of Mailchimp templates from scratch. I am familiarized with Mailchimp template language. I will test it in my account and send you a demo of the work done.

Mailchimp API Integration

I can even integrate your mailchimp account into your WordPress Dashboard or to a custom plugin. I have once integrated Mailchimp to a Facebook App. Let me know where to plug the Mailchimp functionality.

Responsive WordPress Themes.

Do you want your website to properly respond to different devices. I can make a responsive WordPress theme for your website. You will be able to test it yourself by resizing the browser.

Convert The Existing Theme to be Responsive

Did you tried the free plugins available for making WordPress sites responsive? If you were not succeeded in getting your template to be responsive, let me have a chance. I will be able to make it responsive using CSS3 media queries.

HTML to WordPress

Do you already have an HTML template and looking to convert it to a WordPress template. I can do the conversion for you.

Facebook Apps

I can create your simple Facebook app for you. Even if it's simple customized Mailchimp signup form I can complete it for an affordable price. If your Facebook App uses Facebook PHP SDK and don't know how to handle APIs properly I can help you to implement them.

Facebook Pages

Sometimes if you are too busy, you find it a trouble to find all the details about Facebook pages. Let me do it for you. I can customize your Facebook page for your business.

Translation Widgets

Want to add translation to your site. I can implement translation using Google Translation APIs. If you don't like the default appearance of Google Javascript Translation widget, I can style it to match your site appearance.

Custom PHP Websites

You don't need to use and existing CMS. But you have some requirements to be done using PHP scripts, e.g. appointment system, I can build this kind of sites using PHP language.

HTML5 WordPress Templates

I can make you an HTML5 template for your site. A standard complient (W3C validated) themes can use the new features offered by the new HTML5 specification. Let me design your HTML5 template.