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Specialty Foods:

*There is a Microbiotics shop, specializing in natural remedies and organic products, on the corner across from the gas station ServiCentro Colon.

Ice cream shops:

Fresas: Literally meaning strawberries, Fresas ice cream parlor is located on the street adjacent to the main plaza and stone wall.  The two floors above Fresas is Gym Diana.  Fresas offers a variety of ice cream flavors as well as fast food, such as burgers.


Tulipani:  Baked by a local woman, this small family-run enterprise offers regular-sized and personal-sized loaves, including healthier alternative such as whole grain [integral] and oats [avena].  (Beside Chepe Monge) From the Pulpería Estrella del Sur (the student bus stop at the top of the hill) turn right towards the municipal gymnasium.  In the yard of the second or third house on the left hand side of the road is a glass case full of fresh, daily made bread.  Not only are the bread and pastries delicious, you are also supporting local income-generating activities.

 Panadería Colon:  located across from Sabrosos Restaurant and below Abarkas Restaurant, this bakery offers daily a variety of freshly baked breads and pastries, both sweet and salty.

Panadería y Cafe:  Located next to Banco Nacional, this bakery not only sells wonderful bread and pastries but also provides a place to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and often acts as a meeting place for UPeace students.

Musmani:  Boasting a bright orange sign, Musmani sells daily freshly baked breads and pastries, and is located on the east side of the main road on the corner across from the main plaza and stone wall.


Verdulería [Fruit/Veggie Stores]:

 La Feria—Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market:  A must experience!  Go early to get the freshest products!  Here you can also find fresh cut flowers, strawberries from Poas, and local cheese.   An indigenous woman from Quitirrisi reserve also sells medicinal herbs and natural remedies.  Ask for lilac root “raíz de lila” to put in drawers and cupboards to keep away ‘las cucarachas’. 

Verdulería La Favorita:  Next to post office (Correos) around the corner from Banco Nacional. Also sells two brands of soy milk in different flavors.

Unknown Name:  Next to Ziggys.

Municipality of Mora Market: Opposite Pali 

Verdulería Buen Precio: Across from Super Buen Precio, next to Carnecería and pet shop.


Carnicerías [Meat Market]:

Unknown Name:  Next to post office, around from Banco Nacional, also sells fresh fish.

Unknown Name:  Next to Soda Toucan, near Ziggys. 

Municipal:  Across from Pali, here you can buy meat and fresh fish.

Carnecería Buen Precio:  Across from Super Buen Precio, next to pet shop.


Súpers [Super Market]:

 Súper Mora:  Next to soccer field on west side of town, provides service-orientated, friendly staff, fair prices, quality food.  Also houses a pharmacy and thrift store.

Pali: (Lowest prices guaranteed—Owned and operated by Walmart).

Pequeño Mundo:  Home décor, located on ride side of main highway in route to San Jose.

Híper Mas (Lowest prices guaranteed—Owned and operated by Walmart).

Price Smart:  Bulk food items, located on main highway past Santa Ana.

Auto Mercado:  Located in Multiplaza, sells international specialty items as higher cost.

Mas X Menos: (Lowest prices guaranteed—Owned and operated by Walmart).


Pulperías [Family-run Shops]: 

 Estrella del Sur: Located at the far south side of town before heading to Rodeo.

Súper Cadena: Located near soccer field, open the latest.

Súper Surtidor la Dispensa:  Located at end of commercial strip housing Ziggy’s.

Súper Buen Precio:  Located on main road heading north, across from liquor store, sells phone cards to call to USA, costs US$5.00 for 200 minutes.

Súper El Amigo:  Located near the cemetery, also sells fresh friends and vegetables.

Súper Jimenez : Also located near the cemetery.


Thrift Stores (second-hand clothes):

Located in a garage across from Estrella Del Sur, the owner and operator, Cristina, sells second-hand clothes at fair prizes and also is an excellent seamstress.

Super Mora:  In the same building as Super Mora, next to the pharmacy, this thrift store provides fair prices on second-hand clothes for both men and women.

El Shaddai:  Next to Buen Precio, provides fair prices on second-hand clothes for both men and women.

Unknown Name: Across from Fresas and Gym Diana, this second hand store also sells some vintage clothing.


Boutiques:  There are various boutiques in Colon that sell cloths and other specialty items at higher costs.  They are worth exploring if you are looking for a birthday gift or something special.


Ziggy’s Librería:  This is a most-go for UPeacers, selling everything from notebooks, pencils and computer ink to arts and crafts materials.  You can also photocopy readers here at a lower rate and the staff is friendly and service-oriented.


Internet Café/Videos:  The best in town, called Status Internet y Videos, is located across from Banco Costa Rica.  Staff is friendly and very helpful with UPeace students.  Printing is 100 colones per page and movies cost 1,000 colones to rent for two days.


Cerrajería [Locksmith]:  Located northward on left hand side of the main road, before passing the last gas station Los Angeles on your way out of town, here you can get sets of keys made.


Ferratería [Hardware Store]:  Located next to Soda Chepe and across from Pali, there is also a paint store close by called Pinturas Nandy near the gas station ServiCentro.


Joyería [Jewelry Store]:  There is a jewelry/watch repair store fifty meters west from UPeace bus stop at soccer field.


Zapateria [Shoemaker]: There is a shoe repair store fifty meters west from UPeace bus stop at soccer field, next to the Panadería y Café 25 meters north of Banco Nacional.


Bike Shops:  There is a bike shop next to post office, near Super Pizza  the main road heading south and Ciclo Vilela, owned and operated by Roberto, near the top of the hill on the main road heading north.

Asian Supermarket: Located in San Jose a little walk from the main bus stop. Ask Upeace staff for specific directions. Items are very expensive but its great to get specific ingredients that are otherwise inaccessible in Costa Rica. If you bring your student I.D. they will give you a discount.