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Restaurants/ Cafes

$ = 1,000-5,000 colones

$$ = 2500-10,000 colones

$$$ = up!


Mimosa Café

Location: On the main road of town going north, in the Plaza de Colon.

Food: Coffee, Sandwhiches, Salads, Pasteries, Smoothies

Price: $

Internet: Yes, very reliable.

Atmosphere: Relaxed and inviting. The women who currently run Mimosa get to know students on a personal level. This is a popular spot for group project or solo work time. They do not mind if you sit there for hours.

Closed on Mondays


Mayan Café

Location: On the main road of town going north, in the Plaza de Colon.

Food: Eclectic fare including Thai, burgers and sushi on special nights. They also make very good homemade lemonade.

Price: $$

Atmosphere: Run by Dirk and (?) The atmosphere is friendly and fun. You will find yourself talking here for an hour and feel incredibly welcomed. There is not currently wifi available here, and there is not enough room for more than 10 people inside at a time.

Closed on Mondays


New Day Café

Location: From the main road of town going north, turn right on the street with Musmani bakery on the corner. Go one block down and first left. The café is on your right about 50 meters.

Food: Smoothies, Wraps, Salads and traditional breakfast food.

Closed on Weekends?

Price: $$

Atmosphere: This café also doubles as a used book store. The atmosphere is calm and inviting. A good place to work on group projects or solo work. There is wifi available, but not always reliable for all computers.


Café? (I forgot the name!)

Location: From the main road of town going north, about 2 blocks before the gas station on the right.

Price: $

Food: Fruit Parfaits, Smoothies and Coffee

Atmosphere: Nice patio, but a bit loud for studying. The café has a very friendly staff and food comes up quickly. Wifi available.



Price: $$ for food, $$$ for products.

Location: On the main road of town going north, go right on the street across from Los Angeles gas station.

Food: Specializing in organic smoothies, a few small food items like avocado or cheese on toast. This is not a place for big meals, but great snacks.

Atmosphere: Maria has created a place dedicated to celebrating organic products and goods. Besides great smoothies, she also sells a variety of natural products, including makeup, bags and soaps. There is a butterfly garden in the back and a lot of places for chatting. Wifi is available.

Closed on Sundays



Casa 76

Price: $$-$$$

Location: On the main road going north, go right one block after Banco Costa Rica.

Food: Italian

Atmosphere: This is a very cute date-night or celebration restaurant. It is right by a river with a lovely small patio. The food here is very simple but done well. They also deliver pizza (if their driver is working that day).

Closed on Mondays


Che Pizza

Prices: $$

Location: On the main road of town going north, take a right on the street with the liquor store, about 2 blocks down from Musmani (Rebecca please check on this!)

Food: Pizza and other Italian fare

Atmosphere: This is comfortable restaurant that is perfect for large parties of 6-10. The pizza is fresh and when it’s not too crowded, comes out on time. They let you bring your own alcohol, but please be polite as it is not a bar.

Closed on Mondays

Pizzería D’Alca

Prices: $$


Location: 20 mts east to Super Buen Precio, across Verdulería Buen Precio.


Food: Pizza and other Italian fare

Atmosphere: Is a family place, small with a good variety of pizzas, that are fresh and delicious. The owners are very kind. They do delivery service until 10:00 pm and they are open Mon-Sun. They are good with large groups 10-15 people and they let you arrange the tables together, but for large groups you have to be patience because the pizzas take a while, like 30-40 minutes to make.

Barco- blue awning

Price: $$

Location: On the main road of town going north, above the bakery about 3 blocks down from Plaza Colon across from Sabrosas

Food: Specializes in seafood, also has other traditional Tico food

Atmosphere: This is a great place to go for a celebration with a group of friends. The fish is buttery and fresh, you can sit on a patio overlooking the passerby's or stay in to watch sports on the televisions inside.


Price: $ - $$

Location: On the street towards San Jose, just past El Huiggeron across from Bar Colon.

Food: Cheap, yummy, local food like patacones, chifrijo and amazing tasty fruit juices like berry and Guava made from scratch…really delicious!

Atmosphere: Cheap drinks, very chill, lots of locals go here to eat and drink

Pollo Rey

Price: $

Location: On the main street just past Musmani

Food: Chicken and ceveche, really cheap and easily accessible

Atmosphere: open space, you can see all the activity on the main street 

Oveja Negra

Price: $$ - $$$

Location: Right before the highway towards San Jose, the last intersection before you get onto the highway at the crossroads of Piadelles and Santa Ana

Food: Very Latin local

Atmosphere: Upclass and kind of expensive for both Upeace budgets and especially for Costa Rican budgets, mainly different meat from the menu. It is a tapas bar 

Nodally (Tel 2220 0707)

Price: $$$

Location: across from Plaza Mayor, San Jose. Can take a bus to San Jose, and taxi from there, or take a bus there but you will have to ask around to find the right bus.

Food: Delicious and authentic food Korean food and Sushi

Atmosphere: Good sized eating area with Korean style tables that have grills in the middle for BBQ. If you can speak Korean ask to speak to the owner, Upeacers have been there quite a bit and she makes sure there is more than enough food. Don’t forget that in Korean tradition any meal you order comes with many small side dishes, so one order is good for about two people.


Price: $$ - $$$

Location: In front of the Mercedes building on paseo colon between streets 22-24 in san jose…right by the scotia bank just past UNESCO building and pizza hut.

Food: Amazing Lebanese food, drinks and wine. Very generous servings.

Atmosphere: They have dj’s spinning Thursday thru Sunday. Prices depends on how extravagant you want to eat. AMAZING food with the option of getting a MEZA platter which is a huge sampler of everything. Veggie platter is less than $10, plenty of food for 2 and tastes great! Hookah available if you don't sit in the lounge section

Hacienda - only open Sat and Sun

Price: $$

Location: El Rodeo on the way to UPEACE before you turn left up the hill

Food: Tico food, not many vegetarian options

Atmosphere: A bit of a tourist trap, but nice if you go hiking or walk up to campus on the weekend. You can also go horseback riding there.