UP Employee Development


This training program is for Administrative Level only, it was developed both for rank and file employee and supervisors of the University 

Employee Learning Guide

UP General Information on Services
a. HR related services, guidelines, procedures and document requirements
1. Leave benefits and entitlements
2. Pre-
b. Financial Matters 
1. Accounting related services, guidelines, procedures and document requirements 
2. Budget related services, guidelines, procedures and document requirements
3. Cash related services, guidelines, procedures and document requirements
c. Procurement related services, guidelines, procedures and document requirements

Soft Skills Development
a. Values Development Course
1. Gender Sensitivity and Equality
2. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
3. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
4. Personal Wealth & Health Management
b. Communications Management 
1. Basic Communication Skills
2. Effective Business Writing Skills
3. Interpersonal Communications Skills
4. Professional Dealings with Clientele
5. Facilitation Skills c
c. Leadership Management Skills 
1. Leadership Skills
2. Problem Solving and Decision Making
3. Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
4. Stress and Anger Management

Functional Skills Development 
a. Building Administration 
b. Records Management System 
b. Library Management System 
c. Housekeeping 
b. Car Repair and Maintenance 
c. Janitorial Skills 
d. Office Electrical Wiring Installation 
e. Plumbing 
f. Aircon Repair and Maintenance 
g. Welding

Technology Tools
a. Computer operation and its architecture
b. Word, Excel and PowerPoint Processing (2010/2013)
c. Computer Repair and Maintenance
d. Data Base Management System (Oracle, SQL, Java etc)
e. Web Based Development
f. Audio and Video Editing
g. Photo Editing
h. Microsoft Access
i. Basic and Advanced Networking and cabling
j. Basic and advanced computer repair and maintenance

3.2. Supervisor's Learning Guide

Soft Skills Development
a. Communications Management
1. Facilitation Skills
2. Communication Planning
b. Advanced Organizational & Leadership Management Skills
1. Strategic Management
2. Conflict Management Skills
3. Effective Supervisory Skills
c. Organizational Development and Management

Functional Skills Development
a. Financial Management System
b. Procurement Management System
c. Sustainable HR Management System
1. Recruitment Management System
2. Competency Management and Career Development
3. Performance Management System
4. Training Management System

Technology Tools
a. Technology Based Learning System
b. Information Technology Management
c. Information Technology and Security
d. Information Technology Resources and Management

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