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April 6-

Hope is doing well all things considering. She has had several surgeries now to graft the burned skin and the grafts are doing well. She still has a long road ahead and an extremely difficult recovery but we are encouraged.

We still have a large balance at the hospital and only about $1000 has come in so far, we need significantly more. Any help for her is appreciated by all of us at UA.

March 15-

Upasuaji's Patient Advocacy program has an urgent need for $10,000 to fund the care for a young girl burned with "acid" 3 weeks ago in a vicious attack which has left more than 40% of her body burned and left her blind and in critical condition. Because of the severity of her burns as well as her safety we are not sharing pictures but she has been placed in a safe hospital and is receiving the best care we can find for her. To date we owe the hospital $3,500. We are encouraged that "Hope" has made progress in the week she has been at the hospital which surgeons at first were not optimistic about.

Please go to our donate page to help and follow along with her progress on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/upasuajiafrica/ or read an update HERE

Thank you!