In May of 2014 25 year old Allen was called by someone to come outside her home. Once there, her 4 year old on her hip and 6 months pregnant, she was brutally attacked with acid which resulted in severe burns that covered her breasts, face and upper back as well as splash burns throughout her body. Her 4 year old daughter also suffered splash burns but was mostly uninjured.

Allen was taken to the government hospital where she fought for her life, and kept her yet unborn baby alive. Because she was pregnant she was not able to undergo surgery at the proper time. At the beginning of August she delivered her tiny pre-term baby and underwent skin grafting surgery the following week. Unfortunately because of infection none of the grafts took and she suffered immensely.

The staff of Upasuaji had her transferred to a private hospital where she was able to receive better care. This meant many surgeries and a lot of pain.

The acid caused significant burns to her face including her eyes; May of 2014 was the last time Allen saw anything. The loss of her vision has been the most significant battle, as it has made her completely dependent on the care of her mother, having been abandoned by her husband.

Allen needs significant reconstructive surgery just so that she can live a somewhat normal life. In addition to this there is a slim chance that her vision may be able to be restored via incredible new technology available in Singapore.



Our goal is to get Allen to Singapore for consults with both Plastic surgeons and the Eye surgeons. Both teams have agreed to assess her for possible surgery. While some reconstructive surgery is available in Uganda surgeons there have told us they feel Allen would benefit from a more experienced team due to the severity of her needs.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 USD this week. Depending on the results of the assessments we may need to raise a much greater amount. The $10,000 is only for travel to Singapore, initial medical assessments and living expenses while there. We expect to need a much larger amount once surgeons have decided on a plan.

In the event we collect more than the initial $10,000 we sought the excess will go first to the surgical/medical expenses incurred in Singapore, second to her long term medical care, third to her day to day expenses as she has lost her source of income and finally to blind education should surgery be unsuccessful. If there remains an excess the balance will go to a charity/charities with convictions towards the development of burn units in consultation with surgeons involved with Allen's care.

Please note that because of the incredible generosity of so many worldwide, as of August 13 we have exceeded the $10,000 we need to bring Allen to Singapore however we are continuing to leave the donation link open as we know that the expenses will far exceed the $10,000 with surgery. Unfortunately until she is evaluated we do not know the amount needed. In the event money is raised that is not used we will be continuing to care for her (see above) and if additional funds are available we will be working to promote/build burn units in hospitals for patients like Allen.

What we know right now is, she is worth it. The chance for her to see her baby daughter and to have something of a normal life is worth it. I would ask you to please read an article Lynsay wrote about her story PART 1 and PART 2.