Bags for Books

Buy Hefty OneZip Jumbo bags for our children to use when they check out books from our little library each week.  The bags will accommodate the largest books available for checkout from our collection and provide a measure of protection from food and drink when they're taken home and brought back to school in the children's backpacks.


There are many ways you can help our little library's collection grow.  I happily accept gently used, hard bound editions of fiction, nonfiction and children's biographies.  Books should be free of markings and retain their original dust jackets.  I do not accept paperback books or library remainders because they require too much processing to make ready for our shelves.  Also, paperback books do not stand up to the rigors of use in a school environment as well as hardback and library bound books.


Please visit Barnes & Noble, Amazon and the Tattered Cover Book Store to review the book wish lists I've made.  You can buy books directly from any of the vendors and donate them to our library.  I will create a custom bookplate noting your donation and your son or daughter will be the first person allowed to check out the book from our library once the book has been processed.

Sponsor a Magazine Subscription

I have an ever-growing list of magazines I want to add to those presently available for checkout by our students.  Please contact  me to inquire about the possibility of sponsoring a one or two-year subscription to an informative or entertaining magazine for young people.  Your child will always be the first one to check out the magazine and your son or daughter can keep any promotional items that accompany the magazine subscription.


Shelve books, mend damaged materials, help process new books or reprocess old books, including "jacketing" books, placing location labels, call tags and property stamps on books and/or magazines.