University of the Philippines Association of Karate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join even if I am not from UP?

Yes, as long as you train regularly there will be no complications.

2. I am not a UP undergraduate student, can I still join?

Yes. For high school UP, high shool non-UP students and minors, you need to have your parent or guardian sign a waiver allowing you to train with us.

3. Do I need to buy my own uniform/ gi?

Yes, everyone is required to have his or her own gi. In addition, you also have to buy a pair of sparring gloves and mouth guard. Shin guards are optional. Everything is available at the KDA main headquarters (except for the mouth guard) or you can order during after training.

4. When can I start?

You can start training with us anytime you want.

5. What style of karate do you practice?

We are students of the Shotokan Ryu of Karate.

6. Will I be competing in tournaments?

Yes, only if the instructor gives his/ her permission or whenever he/she sees that you are ready. In addition, we only join Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF) sanctioned events.

7. How much is the fee?

UP students pay 400/month and non-UP students pay 800/month. The payment is used to pay for the rent of the dojo and          instructor's fee.