University of the Philippine Association of Karate


Club Guidelines


      1. For the first few sessions, you may use t-shirt and loose pants or jogging pants instead of the karate gi or uniform.
      2. You are not required to immediately be able to keep up with the physical training especially if you are new. You are allowed to rest if you feel tired or dizzy during any part of the class exercise.  Step back and go to the sides and rest.
      3. If you feel an injury or serious sickness, immediately call the attention of the instructor.


      1. Be punctual when coming to class.
      2. Be courteous to your Sensei  ("teacher", instructor) and Sempai ("big brother", assistant instructors, seniors). Bow properly and wait for the Sensei or Sempai  to return your bow or acknowledge your courtesy.
      3. Bow before entering the dojo or practice area.
      4. Once the class has started, you may join by approaching the Sensei from his side to attract his attention. Wait for the Sensei until he
        acknowledges your presence and bow. Wait for him to acknowledge 
        and join in after the greeting.
      5. Keep the dojo or practice area clean. Put all practice pads and 
      6. instruments in their proper places and keep the litter and waste in the

        trash can.
      7. Keep your gi or uniform neat and orderly. Repair the uniform if it is torn. Use the club patch worn at the left breast area of the upper garment. You may use other patches if allowed by your club instructors.
      8. You are expected to follow the instructions of the Sensei or Sempai unless there are some physical limitations that you know will cause personal injury. You will have to inform the instructor of your physical limitations for your safety.
      9. You may leave the practice area by asking permission from the instructor. During water breaks, the students may leave the practice area to take a drink of water or go to the toilet but must come back immediately. They are now allowed to loiter.
      10. Students are expected to conduct themselves in proper decorum at all times in the practice area (no horse playing, no fooling around). They may cheer for their fellow students during Kumite time.
      11. The students are not allowed to use Karate outside of the practice              area unless to defend themselves from attackers or aggressors.                                                 Photo by KDA (top)